Free Save the Snow Stickers

January 14, 2008 - Make sure you like EcoJoes on Facebook to stay updated on green ways to save money and help the environment. Just click the "like" button below. Muchas gracias!

Edit: If you click the sticker, it’ll take you to the place to get free “Save Snow” stickers. I messed up the link earlier. My B.

brave-snowman.jpgHello concerned citizen,
I come to you today as a representative of a vanishing species of snow-people. My people used to have a proud way of life, replete with ancient traditions and snow-cow sacrifices. But now, we are being hunted to extinction by Brother Sun. Please, get yourself a free “Save the Snow” sticker now, before it is too late.
With coldest regards,
Sir Frosty

Free Save the Snow Sticker

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