Keep Deer Away from your Garden with a Scarecrow Sprinkler

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Scarecrow deer sprinkler

My friends, I have gathered you here to discuss something very important in the gardening world. No matter how truly green you keep your garden, whether it’s with homemade compost lasagna, or by planting a community garden in your city, there’s one thing that can absolutely destroy it. Something very “deer” to my heart.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m talkin’ ’bout deer! Now, I’ve tried all kinds of things to keep them from demolishing my precious lil’ organic garden — sprinkling hair around the garden, making semi-invisible fences out of fishing line, sacrifices to the Moon God Jokar, even coyote pee.

But you know what? (raises knee up onto stool, props elbow on, looks earnestly into your eyes) None of that worked. I was about ready to throw in the towel to the dastardly deer.

I thought my choices were either build a 15-foot high fence around the garden, or just sit out there with an axe waiting for a deer to try its luck. This year, though, I found a different way (blinks back tears) — a better way.

I found the Contech Scarecrow, a motion-activated device that shoots out water when it detects something moving in its path. Plus, as an added bonus, it comes with some fearsome stickers that give it a vicious crow face.

Nifty Things about the Scarecrow

1) You can adjust how sensitive it is to motion, so it’s not going off every time a leaf moves 30 feet away from it.
2) Adjustable spraying arc, so you can control how far to the right or left it sprays.
3) If you can get it to not leak, it’s pretty water efficient!
4) No dangerous chemicals around your garden to keep out deer
5) Surprise shower every time you walk in front of it and forget to turn it off!

Scarecrow Problems

My only problem was the leaking. I cried eco-tears every time I’d turn on the hose only to see water flowing out of the Scarecrow. Luckily, I made the hose connection water-tight with a new washer and some teflon tape.

So if you’re having deer troubles, and you want a non-chemical, non-giant-fence solution, give the Scarecrow deer sprinkler a go. And now, I leave you with a lil’ video of the Scarecrow in action:

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    Keep Deer Away from your Garden with a Scarecrow Sprinkler | Green Thinking for the Average Joe

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    Keep Deer Away from your Garden with a Scarecrow Sprinkler | Green Thinking for the Average Joe

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    Keep Deer Away from your Garden with a Scarecrow Sprinkler | Green Thinking for the Average Joe

  4. Put some garden fencing also to secure from animals.

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    One of the worst things in the world is to wake up in the morning and realize your vegetables have been vandalized, destroyed or eaten. Make it as difficult as possible for deer to use your garden as a buffet and playground. Look for tracks and deer paths, this way you’ll know where the deer are entering your garden, and head them off.

  7. my blog says:

    Ahhhhhhh animal like dear, bear and even rabbit can damage your garden… should protect it well

  8. marc rose says:

    Hahaha yes, Deer can be a huge problem when it comes to certain plants. I'm based in Orlando, Florida and they absolutely love to munch on just about everything. Fortunately there are a great deal of landscaping plant options for us here. Great Post!

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