Get Rid of Unwanted Catalogs

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Everyone likes to get mail. When you open your mailbox and see that someone else has taken the time to handwrite a letter to you, it’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. But all too often, the only thing in your mail box (besides bills) are catalogs of junk. You don’t want them. Why did that company send them to you? If only there was a way to stop them from doing this and wasting all that paper and time…

Welp, it turns out that there’s a website that stops junk catalogs before they start. It’s called Catalog Choice, and their mission is to stop these junk catalogs from ever being sent or even made. It turns out that over 8 million tons of trees are used each year for paper catalogs — most of these are unwanted catalogs that are thrown away as soon as they’re received. By using their website, you can help out the environment while at the same time helping out yourself. You and the trees win, and the only losers are the catalogs that you didn’t even order in the first place!

To stop getting unwanted catalogs in your mail box, just visit their site by click this:

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