The True Story of EcoJoes (based on a true story)

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Hello, and welcome to EcoJoe’s. Please, please, come on in. Have a seat, and I shall tell you the glorious history of EcoJoe’s…

It all started back when I was born in Asheville, North Carolina. In second grade, I wrote President Bush (the first) a letter asking him what he was going to do about pollution. In return, I received a very nice form letter thanking me for my concern. In fourth grade, “The Honorable Representative Charles Taylor” visited my class. One person asked some environmental question, and Mr. Taylor responded by saying that worrying about the environment was like Chicken Little worrying the sky was falling.

In fifth grade, me and some other kids were put on some radio show where they asked us what we thought about the deforestation of the Amazon jungle. I said it was bad, and that if we could find some way so people living there could make more money with the forest living than by cutting it down, then the problem would be solved. I think it was about this time that me and a friend built a lean-to in the ditch behind my house. Now that is an low environmental impact house.

Anyhoo, in 2006 my girlfriend gave me a great book called Building Green. It showed a small cottage’s construction using several different green building techniques, including cob, strawbale, cordwood, and a living roof. I was very interested in green building after that, and after searching around on the Internet, I decided that it’d be nice to have a website with environmental news as well as a message forum with green tips and ideas.

So EcoJoe’s was founded. Take a look around at some of the articles, and hopefully you’ll find some useful mess.