Organic Leaf Powder fo’ yo’ Water

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Ever get a hankering for a nice cool drink, but the plain old water from your homemade rain barrel just won’t cut it? Would you like a kick of antioxidants as well as a slew of precious vitamins n’ minerals?

Then might I humbly suggest trying some Organic India Moringa Leaf Powder. “Leaf powder”, I hear you axing, “What the blazes is that?”

It’s exactly what it sounds like, ground up Moringa leaves. Now, good ol’ WebMD says that the Moringa leaf is full of antioxidants and helpful vitamins and minerals. So I decided to give it a shot.

Tasty swamp water

The Moringa leaf powder container says to mix 1/2 teaspoon with water, so like a good little sheep I followed directions and did just that. It turns the drink an appetizing color reminiscent of swamp water, or a mini world in a jar.

The taste is not bad; I could see it growing on me. It tastes sort of like yerba mate, the lovable herbal tea de Uruguay and regions thereabouts.

I was impressed to see the “USDA Organic” label on the container, but a bit saddened to see that their claim to “restore your imbalances” had not been evaluated by the FDA. My imbalances felt quite restored after chugging a glass of this stuff.

If you’re looking for an organic, healthy way to spice up your water, I’d say to give this Moringa leaf powder a shot. It only takes 1/2 a teaspoon per glass, so one container will last a loooong time,

A final word to the wise: it was a bit concerning to find some Internet web-pages putting Organic India down for poor quality standards. Basically, just because something is “certified organic” doesn’t mean that it’s 100% pure and free from contaminants. This goes for all organic food and dranks, so watch your back out there.

Help Your Compost with Used Coffee Grounds from Starbucks

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Starbucks, that lovable, local mom-n’-pop coffee shop, goes through literally ‘uge amounts of coffee every day. Instead of chucking the used coffee grounds away to waste space in a landfill, they fill up 5-pound bags and let you take the grounds home to help out your compost and/or garden! How boss is that?

As an added moneysaver, you can rebrew some coffee with the old grounds! Enjoy your free weak brew as you chuckle at the thought of ever paying for coffee again!

Bag of used coffee grounds

The nitrogen from the used coffee grounds is a real kickstarter for your compost and garden. Nitrogen is a major fertilizer for crops, and your plants will react to it much as Popeye reacts to spinach.

It’s worth noting that TOO much nitrogen can cause nitrogen burn in your plants, so I don’t recommend planting your garden in pure coffee grounds. If you do though, and it works, let me know, por favor!

The one bad thing about this program is Starbucks doesn’t reuse their bags. I have no idea why; they’re pretty durable, and they’re basically just putting trash in them. C’mon Starbucks, take that next step and reuse the bags if people bring them in!

So next time you’re trudging past a Starbucks, stop in and see if they have any of their big bags of used coffee grounds. Tell them EcoJoe sent you, they’ll know what you’re there for.

Man-Made Disasters

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Nothing in this post about saving money or cutting down your carbon footprint. Nope. This here post is just a good ol’ helping of schadenfreude, as we take a look at some of the biggest man-made disasters in history.

Not only did these colossal mistakes hurt our planet, but they were expensive as heck to clean up! All the more reason to be more careful out there.

Be sure to check out “The Weirdest Man-made Disasters” (about halfway down)… some truly triste ways people have messed up parts of the Earth.

(Click on the picture to make it bigger!)

Some big Man-made disasters

Source here.

Easy Way to Save Half a Million Trees a Year

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The Natural Resources Defense Council, who knows a thing or two about natural resources, says that if every U.S. household replaced just one roll of paper towels with a roll of 100% recycled paper towels, it would save over half a million trees every year!

Such an easy way to save tons of trees! So next time you’re out and about and feel the need for some paper towels, look for 100% recycled ones.

Better yet, use good ol’ reusable cloth rags to clean up messes, and cut down on all that paper towel waste.

If you want to take it to the Eco Hero level, reuse old t-shirts as cleaning cloths. You’ll be saving money AND helping the environment. Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout.

Super Healthy Banana Oat Cookie Recipe

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Sometimes as I’m flexing in the mirror at the gym, desperately bulging my veins out of my “swole” arms and hoping other people are watching admiringly to feed my insecure ego, I fight back tears as a sudden urge for cookies flashes through my mind. How can I get healthy, cheap, eco-friendly, organic cookies?

Lo, late last year I found out about this crazy easy, healthy, quick recipe for banana oat cookies. “Egad”, I thought, “I have to share this recipe with todo el mundo.” And that’s just what I’ll do, without further ado.

Healthy Banana Oat Cookie Recipe

Oats n' bananas
* 1 cup oats (for extra green points, use some local, organic oats)
* 2 bananas

Now, don’t be confused… in this picture, I used a double recipe (4 bananas and 2 cups o’ oats).

This is a great way to use old, ripe bananas, or frozen bananas. If using frozen bananas, make sure to peel the bananas before freezing them!

Banana Oat Cookie Embryo
Using my aforementioned bulging muscles, I mushed the bananas and oats together, ’til it looked like this:

Okay, you’re about done! At this point you can mix in any amount of fixin’s; use your imagination! Por ejemplo, you could mix in:
* Peanuts, walnuts, almonds
* Raisins, craisins
* Coconut, chocolate chips, lil’ pieces of bacon

Once you’re satisfied with your mix-ins,
1) Form the mush into balls about the size of golf balls
2) Put them on a greased cookie sheet
3) Pop that bad boy into an oven and cook at 350° F for 12-15 minutes.

That’s it, you’re done! Now you can enjoy some of the easiest to make, healthiest cookies ever, with that distinctive banana tang and oat goodness.

One-Ingredient “Ice Cream”

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If you’re like most folks in today’s dog-eat-dog, hustle-n-bustle world, you like to take a break every once in a while for some tasty iced cream. But you probably know that standard ice cream, while delicious, is not nutritious.

Also, you have to break the bank to get some store-bought ice cream that traveled hundreds (perchance even thousands!) of miles to get to you. So what’s the eco-savvy, cheap frugal hu-man to do when they get a craving for that frozen goodness?

I’ll tell you what. You just buck up, grab some ripe nanners, and follow this super easy recipe for homemade, organic, vegan, healthy ice creamsorbet!

Through the magic of frozen bananas, you should end up with a delectable dessert resembling this:
Sad bowl of blended frozen bananas

One-Ingredient “Ice Cream”
(AKA World’s Easiest Sorbet) Recipe

1) Chuck 4-5 ripe bananas into the freezer.
2) Once they’re frozen, throw them into a food processor (or good blender) and blend them like your life depended on it.

Makes two manly-sized servings.

That’s it! You’ll be sure to “go ape” for this! *runs off stage as crowd boos*

How to Save Money and Make Your House Greener

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Hey you. You trying to save some money, AND reduce your impact on the good ol’ planet Earth? Well here are some easy ways to do both, by making your home more efficiency and environmentally friendly.

Some notable tidbits from this nifty infographic:

  • Up to 40% (almost half!) of our drinking water literally goes down the toilet.
  • Low-flow showerheads can use less than half what a normal, wasteful, Earth-hurting showerhead uses
  • Installing good insulation can cut your heating/cooling costs by 30%!! Hot dang.
  • Putting aerators on all your water faucets can cut your water use by up to HALF!

I’ll let you peruse the rest of it at your leisure; chiggity check the helpful picture below:

Eco-friendly house graphic

Image provided by none other than EcoSmartFire dot com.