Eco-friendly cleaners from Whole Foods

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So it turns out Whole Foods, a natural foods grocery store you might’ve heard of, has come out with some eco-friendly house cleaners. A few weeks back I was lucky enough to procure some of their 365 Everyday Value 2X concentrated laundry detergent and a bottle o’ their Liquid Dish Soap. After bringing them home, I put them to the test.

Liquid Dish Soap

First, this soap smelled good, just like mandarin ginger, in fact. The soap came in a recyclable plastic bottle (made from 50% recycled material), had “no animal testing”, and is safe to use for grey water systems.

How well did it work for dish washing, you ask? Welp… about the same as any other soap, really. It wasn’t some miraculous soap, but it’s definitely a good one. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a “green” dish soap.

Laundry Detergent

I knew I was dealing with no ordinary laundry detergent when I saw this was 2X concentrated. Not only that, but it has no chlorine, phosphates, or phthalates, which can all hurt the environment.

The packaging was very eco-friendly. 98% recycled cardboard!!! Plus, since it’s 2X concentrated, you get more bang for its size. It’s such a tiny box, but it can wash 80 loads of laundry. Hot dang!

The crazy thing is, it could’ve been about 2 inches shorter, since the top two inches inside the box were just air. But I digress…

This laundry detergent smelled great and made the clothes fresh-smelling and looking. It did the trick, and in a pretty environmentally-efficient way.

If the rest of Whole Foods’ new line of eco-friendly cleaners is as good as these two, then I’d be tempted to get them. It’s good to see companies focusing more and more on making “green” products without a bunch of wasteful packing.

If you want to check out some more green mess that Whole Foods is involved with, click this link rotch hur.

*This post and review is not sponsored or paid for by Whole Foods, it is my honest opinion and evaluation of their green cleaning products based on my experience.

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