Okabashi Sandals Made of Recycled Sandals

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Update: See bottom of post for stunning conclusion!

Are your current sandals falling apart, barely holding together, but your eco-conscience won’t let you throw them away and get some new sandals? Partner, you’re in luck, because Okabashi Brands just happens to make eco-friendly sandals from recycled shoes!

Who is Okabashi? Welp, they’re a small company in Buford, Georgia, that takes in old used sandals and shoes, and recycles/reuses them to make new sandals.

They found the kindness and pity in their hearts to send me a pair of brown Surf men’s sandals, and let me tell you, they seriously might be the most comfy pair of sandals I’ve ever wore. Not only are they soft and have some good arch support, but they’re anti-microbial and odor resistant (which I sadly need).

The best thing is, once your sandals have finally bit the big one, Okabashi will recycle them into, you guessed it, even more sandals. So if you have some old sandals or shoes, send them on in, and they can be reused to make some brand spankin’ new sandals.

We close with a short video explaining a bit more about this elusive company.

SPOILER ALERT: It turns out this guy’s favorite Okabashi sandals are the ones I got. What a coink-idink.


After a few months of wearing my sandals around town, they suddenly broke (the little thong piece ripped in two). Devastated, I briefly considered ending it all, but instead remembered Okabashi’s two year guarantee.

Clinging to hope, I mailed in my ripped sandal, and about a week later I received, for FREE, a brand new pair of replacement sandals! Now that’s some high quality customer service, or my name ain’t EcoJoe.

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