Top Three Ways to Save Water in Your Bathroom

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Water Drop - Save You Some Water!Maybe you want to cut down on your water use for environmental reasons. Maybe you want to save some money on your water bill. Either way, here are three simple ways to save water in your bathroom (and save money on your water bill).

Navy Shower

Navy showers are a great way to save on your water use. What is a navy shower, you may ask? I may answer that it’s a shower where you turn on the water, get yourself all wet, then turn the water off. You then soap yourself up, scrub some shampoo into your luscious hair, and then turn on the water just enough to rinse yourself off. This uses a lot less water than a bath (average water use for a bath is 35 gallons!), and also a lot less than a normal shower (2-minute navy shower uses about 4 gallons, while a 10-minute shower uses about 20!). So go ahead and try a navy shower today.

Bottle in Your Toilet

Fill up a 2-liter bottle (or 3-liter, if it fits) with water or sand and put it in your toilet’s water tank. Each toilet flush can use about 3 gallons of water, but by using the bottle method you can cut that down by a little less than a gallon. Also, don’t go flush-crazy — about 40 percent of the water used in an average U.S. house went down the toilet.

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth

This one is simple. The average person brushes their teeth for 90 seconds, and the average faucet puts out 2 gallons a minute. So turning off the water when you brush your teeth can save almost 3 gallons of water.

There you have it. Three simple ways to save a lot of water in your bathroom. Try them out today, and if you’re not fully satisfied, we will issue a full refund. Thank you for your time.

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