10 Minute Litter Cleanup Challenge

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Do you have what it takes to participate in the 10 Minute Litter Cleanup Challenge? Can you clean up more litter than me, Mr. Eco-freaking-Joe? Will you become an O-fficial Eco Hero? Well bring it on!!

Imagine what would happen if every EcoJoes reader stood up right now and took just 10 minutes to clean up some litter outside their house.

Hey, you’re an EcoJoes reader right now, yeah? How about you scurry outside, pick up some trash, and come back in ten minutes? I’ll go outside, too.

Can you clean up more litter than me? You got ten minutes; go!

* Ten minutes later *

Okay, I’m back! Here’s what I found in just ten minutes in the woods outside mi casa:

Litter from the woods

Bam, most of that’s getting recycled, and some’s getting thrown in the trash. How much did you clean up?

Do You Want to Win?

You have until Sunday, February 9th to send in your picture of what you cleaned up. One contestant will be chosen to receive a special mYsTeRy prize! So hurry up, send your picture (and a sentence or two about what you did) to ecojoe@ecojoes.com!

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2 Responses to “10 Minute Litter Cleanup Challenge”

  1. Zilch UK says:

    Great idea and let's hope that plenty of subscribers and visitors to this page are up for the challenge!

    If each of us does a little, we can, collectively achieve a lot.

  2. ecojoe says:

    Zilch UK, you're right about that! All it takes is for everyone to do a tiny bit, and it can make a HUGE difference. Check out the winner of the contest here: http://www.ecojoes.com/10-minute-litter-cleanup-c

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