5 Steps to Becoming an Eco-Hero

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EcoJoe - Eco-HeroMost people now-a-days try to help out the environment, even if it’s by doing something small, like turning off a faucet while you brush your teeth, or not littering. But for some, that is not enough. By following the handy green tips below, you can turn yourself from a zero to an eco-hero.

1. Wear the Same Clothes for Days on End

I’m not saying that I’ve ever done this (of course not), but I’ve heard of people who’ll wear the same clothes without washing them, as long as they’re not too dirty. The average washing machine cycle uses about a kilowatt-hour of energy, not to mention all that water. And dryers are one of the top energy users in a house. The ultimate eco-hero will continue wearing his (or her) clothes until they are tattered rags, not even washing them once.

2. Don’t Use Napkins, Ever

Think about this one. If you use cloth napkins, you have to wash them. If you use paper napkins, you have to throw them away. But if you don’t use a napkin at all, you will cut your napkin-related environmental impact to zero! If you must wipe your hands on something, just use your shirt, which you should’ve already been wearing for days on end (see #1).

3. Hitch-hike Everywhere You Go

Driving alone is for suckers. And paying for gas? Not at today’s outrageous prices. All it takes to get from Point A to Point B is a thumb and a smile. You’ll meet tons of interesting people, plus who knows where you’ll wind up! Of course, if you’re fine with boring ol’ “do-it-yourself” driving, then this tip is not for you.

4. Shower in the Rain

Next time the skies darken and you hear some thunder, grab a bar of soap and run outside. It’s shower time. Environmental savings include lowered energy use, decreased water use, and increase of feeling one with nature.

5.Trash Buffet

This, perhaps, is what truly separates the eco-heroes from the eco-zeroes. Do you have any idea how much food restaurants send to landfills every day? I don’t, but however much it is, it’s too much. If you wander the back alleys behind a group of restaurants, you are treated to a veritable trash buffet of nutritional goodness, plus you help keep the landfills a little emptier.

If you can follow these five steps, then you will be an official eco-hero. Just send me an email and I will place you into the Eco Hall of Fame. Do you have what it takes to be an eco hero?

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  1. bombaymom says:

    Ah, yes, the shirt-as-napkin eco-salvation device! I'm familiar with it! I love the contest, and shall, soon, photo results of a trash-hunt I'll go on, soon. And, really, yes, we Amurricans wash clothes TOO OFTEN. Friends o mine of the European persuasion (and my very own blessed mom, rest her soul!) habitually hang clothes up after a day's mild wear, and the air itself freshens them for another day.

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