Pack Your Lunch and Save Money and the Environment

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Pack your lunch and save moneyIt’s weird that so many students pack their lunches almost every day, but when they grow up and enter the good ol’ workforce, they pretty much stop packing their lunch. Most people do this because they say it’s more convenient than packing their own lunch. But if they stop and think about it, there are several great reasons to bring your lunch to work with you.

Bag Lunches Are Healthier

Many restaurants offer lunches with tons of meat and grease. There is nothing wrong with this occasionally. But when fast food starts becoming your normal lunch, your health will take a hurting. When you pack your own lunch, you can put in tons of vegetables, fruits, and other such healthy mess. Remember: packing your own lunch = getting your own six-pack.

Save Money

Unless you want to “take all of your money [and] give it up to charity”, you probably want more money. Packing your lunch is a great way to save money. Instead of spending $6-$10 on lunch, you can spend way less than that by packing yourself a sandwich and some fruit and vegetables. Plus, you will be saving money on gas, which brings means that you can also

Help the Environment

That’s right folks, by bringing a bag lunch, you will not only be getting healthier and saving money, you will be helping out Mother Earth. Less driving = less gas = less pollution. Plus, if you pack your lunch in a reusable bag, you’ll be cutting down on your waste.

So there you have it. If you want to save money, help Captain Planet, AND stay healthy, just pack yourself a bag lunch and bah-bam, you are achieving all three of those goals. So go home tonight and try it, and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow at lunchtime (unless you made a really bad lunch).

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