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My stupid abacus broke again! AARRGH!!

How often have you been frustrated when performing rudimentary calculations on your abacus? Do you often want to calculate your energy savings, but you don’t know your maths? What about writing “80085” on a calculator and showing it to a friend to get a good chuckle? Do you ever want to do that, but you have no calculator?

Take heart, because I am hereby announcing the EcoJoes Incredible Calculator Contest! I have in my hands TWO brand-spankin’ new calculators, and they are ready to help you calculate your way to a greener, thriftier life. But how can you win one of these calculators, you might ask? Here’s how:

Calculator Contest Rules

  • Get a blog or website
  • Write an article or page about a time when you saved money by being all green and mess
  • Put a link in the article back to (so I can find your article)
  • Wait for me to announce the winners, then sit back and enjoy your very own calculator

That’s it. So good luck everybody, and may the best man/woman/transgendered person win.

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