The Legend of Gimpy: The Cat with a Broken Leg and a Heart o’ Gold

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Here Gimpy, Gimpy...Introduction of Gimpy

For the last couple months, me n’ Tiff have been feeding Charlie (a stray cat who basically lives on our back porch) and Gimpy, a mangy cat who broke his front leg several months ago and has been hobbling around everywhere holding it up off the ground. We got a trap from Safe Haven for Cats (a no-kill shelter) and, after catching a wily raccoon twice by mistake, came home on Wednesday evening to see Gimpy sitting in the metal cage. Once we got close to him, we could see that he was hurting for certain.

Kinda looks like Gimpy, but is not himGimpy’s Horrendous Condition

The front part of his broken leg was small and withered, and his bone was actually sticking through his skin. His nub leg had an open ulcer, which kept leaking blood as he feebly tried to lick it clean. His paws were covered with blood, and every time we got near the cage he’d try to escape, only hurting himself worse. Fleas roamed his nappy hair with impunity. The next morning, when me and Tiff put his cage on top of a blanket in the back seat o’ my car, we thought he was a goner for sure.

The End of Gimpy?

We brought him in to Safe Haven, and he sat there in his cage meowing and bleeding on the floor. Eventually, the vet came in and said that Gimpy looked feral (unadoptable) and that they weren’t set up to fix his leg, so they’d probably have to kill him. She ended by saying that she’d call us later in the day, probably to ask permission to put him down.

Gimpy’s Judgment

Later that same day, they rang me on my mobile cellular telephone. Hands a-trembling, I answered, prepared to muster forth the permission to end this miserable-excuse-of-a-cat’s life. Instead, I heard the joyful volunteer’s voice as she told me that Gimpy had been de-flead, neutered, and had his leg bandaged. In a few days, they were going to amputate what was left of his tiny front paw, and they expected him to make a good recovery and be adopted out. I collapsed in a fit of euphoria and relief in my work parking lot, praising Zeus for His infinite kindness toward this cat.

Even this bear is donatingPor Favor Donate to Them

And so the Legend of Gimpy came to pass. In recognition of the jawsome work done by the volunteers at Safe Haven, I axe you, I implore you, to PLEASE DONATE A WEE BIT OF MONEY TO THEM. When they ask you why, just tell them Gimpy sent you. They’ll knowingly nod, and quietly pocket the money accept your much-appreciated donation.