Don’t Throw Away Those Pumpkin Seeds!

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Way back in the day, EcoJoes featured a captivating tale of how to turn the pumpkin scraps from carving a jack-o’-lantern into a whole mess of food.

So whilst you’re preparing for a green Halloween (or, dare I say, Hallogreen), don’t forget that you can use the pumpkin seeds and make scrumptious roasted pumpkin seeds, as well as some homemade pumpkin pie.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go ‘head and whip up a batch of garam masala pumpkin bread. It’s sure to transport you to exotic India!

Check out these delicious (and nutritious) roasted pumpkin seeds I just now fashioned, straight from a fresh jack-o’-lantern:

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Leave me a lil’ comment if you have some other jawsome ideas on how to reuse waste from Halloween.

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