EcoClean Cleaners are Swell

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A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to receive two samples of EcoClean non-toxic cleaners. After trying them out for awhile, I can give them a hearty thumbs up.

First, a little aside about Eco Clean; it’s a Scandinavian company that makes a variety of non-toxic, non-petro natural cleaners, most of them scented with essential oils. The cleaners are made with water, plants, and sugars, plus the bottles (and sprayheads) are 100% recyclable.

I tried out the Eco Clean Kitchen Counter Top cleaner, and the Eco Clean Glass Cleaner. Both of them worked swell, plus smelled good.

Also, their nozzles had a foaming option, if you wanted the crucial foam that strikes fear into dirt everywhere.

In short, I’d recommend checking Eco Clean out if you’re looking for some eco-friendly, great cleaners. The major downside is that they’re made in Denmark, so they have to be shipped pretty far, but besides that, they seem to be bueno for the environment.

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