Ecological Footprint Quiz

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Ecological footprint
I updated the link to the eco-footprint quiz, just in case anyone ever sees this page again
About a year ago, money I took a Ecological Footprint Quiz in World Population and Food class. I did better than the “average” American, although, if I remember correctly, it said that if everyone on Earth lived their life like me then we’d need 2.5 Earths. So I’m about to take wholesale nfl jerseys the test (I hope it’s the same one) again, and see how I’ve changed my New ecological footprint. I’m guessing it has got a little worse, since I now drive to work instead of bike (last year my work was only in 2 miles away).

Before you begin your wholesale nba jerseys quiz, you are greeted with a very important message: CAUTION: THIS QUIZ MAY SURPRISE YOU, SHOCK YOU, OR MAKE YOU THINK. PLEASE REMAIN CALM…BUT NOT TOO CALM!!

With that in mind, I began to take the test. As tempting as it is to stars lie, I shall try to answer all the questions truthfully.

Dang, I drive a lot each week. You wholesale nfl jerseys don’t realize until you think about it how far you drive. Luckily, I basically never drive alone, so that probably helps my score.

The results are in:

My ecological footprint is 19 acres! The average American’s footprint is 24 acres. So I am below average, but not by much. And even though I’m below average, if everyone lived like me, we’d need 4.3 planets. K-razy.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest improvements I could make would be to eat less animal products ??????????????????????????? (doubtful) or buy more locally grown foods. The transportation of food is a big contributor Desserts to pollution and carbon emission. Plus, by buying locally, I’m more likely to get fresh food, and I get to stimulate the local economy. Huzzah!

So basically, I plan on heading to the Raleigh Farmers’ Market next time it is open. I suggest you visit your local farmers’ market also; it’s fun, plus you get a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables (and more).

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