Free Polar Bear Stickers to Curb Global Warming

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Sending it out, an SOS

Look at them polar bears. Just look at them. Dang 🙁

How can you help them out, you might ask? Welp, the least you can do is to help spread the word about energy conservation by emailing the Natural Resources Defense Council and requesting some free “Unplug for Polar Bears” and “Turn Off Global Warming” stickers for chargers and light switches. Email them at, and por favor give them your mailing address and how many sets of stickers you need (each set contains six stickers, 3 each of “Unplug for Polar Bears” and “Turn Off Global Warming”). “Supplies are limited so please keep your order to two sets, unless you have a special need for schools or institutions.”

If for some reason you think you’re better than the rest of us, and feel you can somehow do more than just ordering free polar bear stickers, then you can find out other ways to curb global warming rotch here. So please, act now. If not for yourself, then for the baby polar bears.

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  1. Darbi Kirkman-Richar says:

    I am doing a school project on how global warming is affecting the polar bears. As part of my project I am giving a presentation to my class (22 pupils) and would really like to be able to give them some stickers because I feel that this will make them remember the presentation and what I have told them and encourage them to do everything they can to help stop global warming. If we don't then when I grow up there may not be any more polar bears in the wild.


    My mailing address is: 38 Alton Road, Waddon, Surrey, CR0 4LY, UK

  2. Anonymous says:


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