Free Ozone Test Kit

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Clean air. We all want it, many of us even need it. But sometimes the air inside your own house can be slowly killing you, without you even knowing it! Is there any way to detect harmful ozone in your air before it is too late?

Yes, and you don’t even have to pay a cent. For I bring to you a free sample of an ozone test kit. You can use it in your humble abode to test your air. If there’s a dangerous amount of ozone, you will see a lil’ pink circle, and you can hold your breath and sprint safely outside to the clean, outdoors air.


I admit, this is not be the most exact test, but it’ll give you a basic idea of whether you should do further air quality testing or nay. It’s a free way to see if your air is ozone-free, so please, click the above link and get your very own free test today.

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