Glass Creatures from my Creek

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Deep in the sprawling Peck Estates there is a meandering brook, full of plants, wildlife, and brisk, babbling water. Whenever I grow weary of my toils to better this planet called Earth, I cast my eyes upon this creek, and tears of wonder carve clean trails down my dusty face.

Chair in Creek

But it’s not “all good in the hood”, as Mister Rogers would say. Over the last month or so, I’ve cleaned out a LOT of litter just from my small part of the creek. The litter has ranged in size from tiny shards of broken glass to a metal chair to a freaking stop sign.

After cleaning all that mess out, me and Tiff decided to make some creek animals out of the junk, since all the trash had come from the creek. What follows may shock and even horrify you. Prepare to look upon the creek creatures.

Glassy the Turtle

Tiff’s abstract masterpiece.
Glassy the Turtle

Turkey Thing

Made from a gen-u-ine 40 bottle (and maybe an old racquetball?).
Turkey Thing

Glass Frog

If you use your imagination, this pile of reused glass might look remotely like a frog.

Simple Snail

Another Tiff creation. My blurry picture does not do this glass snail justice.
Snail of Glass

Parrot with Coke Bottle Body

He’s all spirally and mess.
Glass Parrot

Snake made from Broken Glass

That’s his tongue on the left.
Glass Snake

Glass Hell Monkey

Its tail is made from a LipSmackers brush. He is one menacing mamma jamma.
Glass Monkey, that Funk Monkey

We recycled all the leftover broken glass and old cans and bottles. All in all, it was a good way to reuse some litter, and make some “art” from it. If anyone else has done cleaned up litter from a creek or stream and made something from it, por favor let me know!

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