Rubber Sidewalks Made From Scrap Tires

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Just look at them!Americans throw out tons o’ tires each year.  In 2003, we threw out approximately 290 million scrap tires.  But the good news is, more and more are being recycled.  In 1990, only about 17% of our discarded tires were reused or recycled; by 2003, about 80.4% were being recycled.  Scrap tires can be used for many things, but until now, I did not know that they could be used for rubber sidewalks.

How Many Tires in Rubber Sidewalk?

It takes one tire to make about one square foot of rubber sidewalk.  That means that for every 400 square feet of rubber sidewalk made, two tons of scrap tires are kept out of the landfill!  Very good.

Who Invented Rubber Sidewalks?

I’m glad you asked.  Richard Valeriano, the Public Works Inspector for the city of Santa Monica, California, invented these.  His thinking was that they would be able to bend around growing tree roots, thus cutting down on the maintenance needed to keep the sidewalks up to snuff.  After testing the rubber sidewalks in Santa Monica for three years, they are now on the market.

Rubber Sidewalks Save Money

Yes, that is true.  When concrete sidewalks crack, they have to be entirely demolished and rebuilt.  So much money and time (and resources).  But with rubber sidewalks, they can be lifted for periodic tree root trimming and replaced at a fraction of the cost of concrete sidewalks.

Health Benefits of Rubber Sidewalks

With rubber sidewalks, there are no cracks where people can trip and get hurt.  Also, it is easier on the ol’ knees than walking/jogging on concrete sidewalks. 

I’d like to get a chance to check them out in person.  If anyone has tried them out, please let me know how rubber sidewalks made from recycled tires compare to old-school concrete sidewalks.

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  1. cybele says:

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    Yes, go with reusable cups. But if I must buy coffee when I'm out and about (and I rarely do), it's gotta be in a paper cup. (I throw mine in the recycling if I bring it home with me.)

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