Take the Arbor Day Tree Survey and Win Free Coffee

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Survey con robot
The good ol’ Arbor Day Foundation©™ is giving away a year’s worth of free coffee to the first 50 people to finish their tree survey! The chance to win is low, but the prize is high. Daddy like those odds.

After you take their survey, you’ll be given an opportunity most people only dream about – the chance to donate your hard-earned money (“skrilla”, as it were). Even ol’ EcoJoe broke a long miserly streak and donated to this worthy cause.

Update: Many people are reporting that this survey no longer rewards you with trees, so buyer beware!

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199 Responses to “Take the Arbor Day Tree Survey and Win Free Coffee”

  1. Charles Ault says:

    I sent a donation of $10 for 10 trees. Haven't heard anything regarding when I should get any of them. Tried to call, but phone doesn't seem to be able to make contact. Would like to know when my trees will arrive. The ground here will be frozen most likely in the next two weeks. Would like to get any of them planted before the big frost.

    C Ault

    • Linda Forshey says:

      I did the same. Have not received the 10 trees nor heard anything.Linda Forshey

    • Reader says:

      Mr. Charles Ault if you read the return form. $10 dollars with only get you a calendar and Book of Trees. $20 will get you 10 free trees/2 free shrubs. Free coffee to first respondents. Book and Calendar with contribution. You may be waiting for quite a long time.

    • James Feltham says:

      You have to give your zip code to find out what zone your in. Im in zone 8 (Georgia), mine are coming March-April. I did survey online and sent it in by mail. Online has the feature for mailing times next year. Hope that helps.

  2. ecojoe says:

    Charles, I'm in the same boat as you. I was expecting them to send them by now… I'll get in touch with them and see what I can dig up.

  3. Hannah Rees says:

    What chance do I have of being one of the first 50 people to win coffee when I received my survey on Dec. 23 and others have gotten theirs in August……

  4. K Brown says:

    Jack, I'm in the same boat. We have just planted two new trees in the last two years. Do not know if this is worth the E-Mail time. Dec 27

  5. J. LaMariana says:

    The last time I participated in the scheme, the trees and plants never grew. Also, is the donations that are made tax deductible?

  6. George L. Nance says:

    How do I take the Arbor Day Foundation 2012 Indiana Tree survey on the internet?

  7. Monika Tandon says:

    Last year I was supposed to get several trees to be planted, but they never arrived. Maybe the post office planted them. This year I do not want any trees, but I surely like the coffee. I applied as soon as I got the news in the mail. I should be among the 50 early ones.
    Monika Tandon

  8. C.W. Vall says:

    Chuck Vall
    I cleared my 5 ac. on Vashon Island in Washington and planted 2200 Douglas Fir and Western Cedar trees
    as my contribution.

  9. PAT S PERDEW says:

    sent money 2012 asking for only two crapemyrtles for my daughters new home never received trees or comment very disappointing.

  10. Rhonda says:

    I sent a donation $10 8-8-12 and still nothing.Some kind of scam going on.

  11. jo-Anne Clark says:

    Sounds like a hoax. Many people did not get any trees etc

  12. jo-Anne clark says:

    No one seemed to receve trees etc

  13. emily says:

    Glad I read this blog before
    I sent in any money! I will not support this Foundation

    • John Wright says:

      I donated 4 years, and never received any trees. I got in touch with them and raised a little cain, as I had just donated again. that year they sent the trees; I gave them to my daughter to plant as she had just bought a new house. Only 2 of those 10 trees lived. They looked like dead limbs to start with; or maybe I should say dead twigs. I was just fixing to do it again, but after reading how many other folks never got any trees, I'm not going to donate this year. Although I do believe we need more trees.

  14. suzy says:

    My Free Gift Vouchers came today Dec 31 in the mail for 10 free trees / two flowering shrubs/ Free year of Coffee and two Bonus Gifts all for a $10. donation . You are all wright on ,sounds like a hoax to me to.

  15. Angela Fitzgerald says:

    I just received my survey January 4,2012. My mom always told me patience is a virtue. I understand things take time and also you can’t just get a tree and put it in the ground. Every state is different and that means there’s different times to plant things. I think it tells you they won’t mail the trees until the right part of the year for planting in the area you live. I know I should receive mine around spring. I don’t believe this organization is a hoax, considering they have their own web site and phone number. Yes, I am aware that anyone can create but my child’s school went with this company a few years back. Its a real company, things do happen I life, mistakes, like orders getting misplaced. If you feel you have been took advantage of then call them or email them. I personally will throw $10 away to save trees.

  16. Jo Oberg says:

    just received my survey I want to respond and send donation and vouchers but -reading other peoples comments and calling the number which does not seem to work – are you people for real? I do not wish to give my credit cards # to a place that does not seem to respond……..will wait for reply

  17. Sheila says:

    I am among the latest that has not received their trees. I mailed a check out to them January 4th, 2013. Does anyone have a phone number? Only address that I have is 100 ArborAvenue, Nebraska City, NE 68410. Is this address any good? Does anyone have a better address? I am sure the coffee deal is long gone by now. THANKS FOR THE HELP. PS: I sent the vouchers and I did the survey. Help needed in Georgia.

  18. gary l wagner says:

    i would surley take the survey and send $20.00, but i see all these people saying thay didn't recieve anything in return. also i just recieved mine today 3/13 13. unless i am guarenteeded the free items. i'm a no go . please respond and if i'm guarenteeded i will swnd the money.

  19. kathy says:

    Coffee is sure long gone by now. I just got mine in March. Sure glad I checked this out before sending money

  20. kathy says:

    Why do these companies keep taking advantage of us unsuspecting people ?

  21. Moe says:

    I just received my survey today I am a tree lover and know Arbor Day Foundation is a good thing. All the response that I have read is not good. I am sure there is a middle men that is going to take 50-60 % of the money that is sent. I will send my $10.00 because Arbor Day Foundation has good intentions. I wood love to have the trees and shrubs

  22. ecojoe says:

    Hi Jo,

    I thought the same thing, but I called and emailed them, and they said they were just waiting for the right time of the year to send my trees. That's weird their number isn't working now…

    • C. Young says:

      I just don't know how this organization, if it is, gets away with this false promises and taking money. I doubt seriously if they care weather you ever climbed a tree or not. Can't believe in years past I fell for this and never received even a thanks. I will keep the address labels. Some kind soul probably donated the resources for them. This is a corrupt outfit that will not send a dried leaf to you much less 10 trees etc. ALL LIES!

  23. VINCE MCLARNEY says:


  24. Margaret McAdoo says:

    I recieved my FREE trees but did not get the RED MAPLE as I was promised or the rest of my order ????????????????

  25. Linda Forshey says:

    The day is October 24,2013. sent in $ 10.00 donation. I have not recieved the 10 trees as promise along with the creep myrtle bushes. please respond.

  26. George Frank says:

    In reading the comments it seem to be a scam. Sent in order with ck. for $10.00 in Aug.13. never received
    frees and other thing you promised. George

  27. JOEY says:


  28. Lita says:

    I was all ready to send $10 and wait for trees, but after reading all the comments from people who never got their trees, I'm not going to do it. I love trees, but will spend the $10 to buy myself a tree.

  29. ANN says:


  30. Odell Johnson says:

    I cannot even get the website to accept my survey and donation. I also have not been able to get my name corrected even after speaking to someone over the phone. I will not keep my membership if they do not even care enough to correct the spelling of my name.

  31. Ren says:

    Where is the Survey?

  32. Evelyn Grasse says:

    Thanks for all these posts…I am not bothering with any of it because it sounds like a bunch booha to me. I got the survey, but I think you need to buy or they forget about you.

  33. Kathleen Beaurline says:

    December 24, 2013 I just received the survey and was going to send in my questionnaire and money when I came upon these comments from all the people who have NOT had any response or FREE gifts from Arbor Day Foundation. Thank you to you all for letting us know that this foundation is not backing up what they are promising but they are willing to take our monies and forget their promises.

  34. Hoppy in Pa. says:

    Was going to send a donation, however after reading all the negative blogs I will put the money towards a tree or bush from my local gardening contractor(s).

  35. Jeanette LeGere says:

    After reading all the other comments I am not going to bother. I think it is all a scam. They want you to send $10.00 and then don't send any trees. A lot of money was made on this scam.

  36. Chantal Morriss says:

    It's Thursday Jan 2nd 10:42pm, I don't like what I'm hearing. I will call them tomorrow and try to reach a real person and get back to all of you.
    Thank You

  37. Mary Taylor says:

    My wife, Mary Taylor has passed away and can no longer be a part ot survey

  38. forest says:

    I hesitate to say this and if I am wrong I will apologize and make a donation and willingly plant any trees the arbor day foundation sends out BUT…. after applying on line yesterday and being told by some one at the phone number that they were sorry but the web site is down right now tnis smacks of another LIBERAL (obamacare) site that was not vetted or even functional but baited for suckers. I would hope this is not true but the site still is not working and from from some comments previously posted trees from 2012 campaign still have not been sent out. Really would like to be proven wrong, BUT…..

  39. Myra Akers says:

    I just completed my survey. Hope the information is helpful.

  40. Chantal Morriss says:

    Well friends, I called this morning and was thanked for the survey, Tyler said that for my zoning area 7-9, that my trees will be sent out the middle of March-beginning of April and that all of the free gifts will be shipped in bulk mail and will arrive within 2-3 weeks. I really hope this company is on the up and up since it is a very worthy cause. I will post again when and if the gifts arrive and then again when and if the trees arrive. Hope this helps. as for the website being down…it wasn't when I filled out the survey last night and wasn't down this morning and like I had mentioned, it was very easy to reach a live person…Thank Goodness!

  41. Rich says:

    Thank all off you for your comments. I just got the entry for the trees and coffee today 1-6-2014. I first filled out the survey and was going to mail it with my $50.00 for the foundation. It is still on my dining room table ready to go with a stamp, but thought I would get on the computer and send it in that way so it would get there faster. Again thank you for your comments,,,,You saved me $50.00 for this SCAM

  42. Tony Garcia says:

    I received the 2014 tree survey today. I sent it via the web site. I also sent a donation of twenty $'s. I can only pray. This is a righteous foundation. If it isn't maybe we can continue to communicate and file a class action suit against them. Im sure by the time planting season rolls along I will have spent a few hundred dollars getting the area ready for planting. IM sure most of you have done the same thing, (right)! Keep in touch rethp37@live.com

  43. Maureen says:

    I've donated twice and never received the trees. So now I question what really happened to the Monday donated.

  44. Jae Clarke says:

    Is this for real? I sent the $10.00 and survey from Utah. It is now April 8, 2014. When do I get the trees/bushes. It is Spring, NOW!!! Jae

  45. Secretary says:

    I'm still waiting on my trees also (April 29). I'm not holding my breath.

  46. Scott P. Goubeaux says:

    No Questionaire here!

  47. Jay H Pistohl says:

    I am about to fill out the survey.

  48. Debby says:

    This is my second year of filling out this survey. The first was about 5 years ago. Same questions. I did receive all the trees. But, it's OK if I do or don't. They are sticks and the chance of them living through a PA winter are not good. Think this time, I will start them in pots. If I don't get the trees, it's a great cause. Stop fracking and plant trees

  49. tkb says:

    tk….just received this for 8/2014..after reading comments, probably don't need the coffee, & I'll just start tree clippings, have gardenias sprouting in some old "coke" bottles right now…thx for the words.

  50. dolores szratter says:

    love trees

  51. Jack says:

    Well, these comments are enlightening. Started to mail the survey in but then decided to do it online. The over whelming consensus is that the Arbor Day Foundation should be renamed as the Horri-bor Day Foundation in living up to its expectations. I for one cannot be expected to support such an organization. I'll get my coffee from Gavlia

  52. Joe says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After reading most of the above comments, why would anyone want to donate their money to a ????? that doesn't sound on the up & up.

    "May the bird of paradise, fly up whomever's nose and an elephant caress whomever with his toes"

    Sorry, but why send money to whomever and we don't know wherever it goes…………hmmmmm?

  53. Dan Parris says:

    I sent the survey and a check on 8-11-14 forgot to enclose vouchers please use this email as a notice that I want the vouchers activated.


    • ecojoe says:

      Mr. Parris,

      I will definitely use this "email" as notice that you want the vouchers "activated". Consider them activated.

  54. fran says:

    Just received my survey on 8.15.14, how could I be one of the first 50 people if this has been going on for years????
    Mine says they plant the tress in the forest and you just give the people the gift card as a way of saying you did it.

  55. barb says:

    guess it's lucky i tried to do this online as opposed to "hurrying" to be one of the first 50! that seems to be a joke. the comments have made me rethink this and doubt if i'll be participating…doesn't seem to be the SURE THING that i was led to believe!!!

  56. Roger says:

    Like so many here, just received the survey 8/15/14 in California. Looks like the questionnaire is only intended to get the donations without sending any 'promised' trees or coffee. Some individuals have posted here 30 plus weeks ago, so I'm sure there are 50 donations sent in by now. Smells like a scam.

  57. mary velie says:

    I mailed in my survey on aug.19, 2014 and forgot to put in my coupons for 10free trees for my area. There where two American redbuds two white flowering dogwoods two flowering crabapples two washington hawthorns and two Japanese dogwoods. Plus two crapemyrtles.and up for free coffee for one year.oh yes a calendar too.I’m sorry I forgot the coupons didn’t realize until I already had mailed. I hope you will still consider me for the trees etc.I will hold on to coupons incase u need them. Thank you so much mary velie.

  58. joe spano says:

    send you a 10.00 chesk on 8/9 /14 check #709 did you forget me and the otherpeople that send you monies if I don't receive the trees , im going to small claims court . people like you should go somewhere I cant print this . dam m you send the trees?

  59. ROBERTA says:

    I did the donate deal in 2013. I still haven't received any trees. Please respond as soon as you possible can . I always thought we were helping the air, planet, wildlife, and Alabama.

  60. Kathy Klein says:

    sent my donation check was cashed. Forgot to enclose the Vouchers. Is there anything I can do to get the trees, ets.

  61. Brenda Lowry says:

    iI sent my donation, the vouchers and the survey the day I received it (Aug. 7,2014). Please send me the trees and the year of coffee.
    Thanks for your prompt attention to this request. I'm sure you are very busy filling all the requests, would appreciate a reply as soon as possible. Brenda

  62. Suzanne Pagola says:

    Sorry to hear all of your bad news , but I did receive my 10 trees, 2 crapemyrtle shrubs. I did not recieve any coffee so I guess I wasn't one of the first 50 people to get my survey back in. I was probably #51. HaHa my luck….Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  63. Clarice Down says:

    just finished the survey, I don't know if it was the right survey, so many oare on line. Confusingm is that what they want. My money will go to my church next time.

  64. Gary Davis says:

    I received my OFFICIAL QUESTIONNAIRE TODAY. 12-23-2015. After reading some of these comments, mine is going in the trash.

  65. romane says:

    i just received a survey from arbor day 12-24-14 . after reading about what happened to all of you . i will go out and buy a few trees on my 0wn . romane

  66. Dick says:

    recived survey 12/22/14 just was going to fill out on line & send a donation UNTIL i read all these comments & i think i've changed my mind. THANKS YOU ALL !!!!!!!

  67. john Dvorak says:

    Mr Matt Harris Chief Executive you should read all the negative posts and clean up your act if you want people to make donation. I would be embarrassed if this is the best that you can offer. After reading this I won't bother to participate.

  68. Larry Bloodgood says:

    If there is a certain time the trees are to be planted, wouldn’t it be a good idea to put that information enclosed with the survey? As far as I am concerned after reading all the negative comments, I will not be completing the survey or sending any money. I looked up Arbor Day Foundation on the internet, and their mailing address was a street and town compete different from the return envelope with the survey. It was a PO Box and in a different city. SCAM!!!

  69. Donald Farrington says:

    Where is the survey?

  70. Joyce Fondersmith says:

    I tried to send the survey by computer but the official number would not go in so I will send it by mail instead…waiting for my supper gifts thank u…..



  72. Jim Harrell says:

    I completed the survey but it doesn't sound like a reputable organization to send money to according to comments above.

  73. Ray Taylor says:

    They will ship your new trees for planting in the spring when the time is right so no need to look for them now. The trees will come but I doubt you will see the coffee unless you are the luckiest person in the world. Be patient as they will come at the right time. Please plant them as soon as possible so the roots don't dry out and the tree dies.

  74. Jimmy says:

    arbor day foundation; you need to be very shamed of what you have done here. folks will willing support the
    planting and saving of trees. you cannot use that as your way to take advantage of folks by saying you'll do
    this or that.. that's not the world of trust expected from an institute that claims it to be a "do gooder". you're
    not right. jimmy

  75. Laura C. says:

    Was going to send it through the mail and I decided to do it online. After reading all the comments about people not getting their trees and all the different times this questionnaire was sent out it really has me wondering. Who are the 1st 50 people that get the free coffee when these questionnaires have been sent out to people at different times ? I would have been happy to give $20.00 but I have decided know that I will not.

  76. Adrian says:

    Wow, I thought this was a respectable cause/foundation.

  77. Rose says:

    I was just about to send in my donation, for my free trees and shrubs. I dont think I will send any money after reading all these negitive responses. No Thanks Aborday foundation.

  78. timothy malone says:


  79. SallyGirl says:

    I didn't know the survey was time sensitive so I put it a side. The letter said respond by 02/04/15….. TODAY is 03/09/15!!!! I'm filling it out anyway, and sending a donation. If I receive the free trees & coffee, that's great! If not, I'm blaming myself for not filling it out when I received it!!

  80. darlene talbert says:

    I forgot to send in the vouchers would still like to receive my free gifts but hearing all these comments from other people it looks like this is not on the up and up…what is going on dktalbert66@yahoo.com Darlene kaye Talbert 7702 ivy hollow dr. charlotte nc 28227

  81. Shilda Burns says:

    I received a request from the North Carolina Tree Survey and was told that for a donation of $10 I would receive 10 free trees and a free year's supply of coffee just for being one of the first 50 survey respondents. I responded immediately. Is this a scam? If so, it will certainly damage the reputation of the Arbor Day Foundation. I've been looking for my trees ever since.

  82. JOE says:


  83. Aaron says:

    My girlfriend donated $10 to join because she wanted the 10 free trees. A week or so later I joined and donated $10 to get my trees. It was 2 months ago and the Arbor Day Foundation says they were sent out and they don't know why we didn't get them, and they can't send out any more trees this Spring so wait until Fall and they'd send them again. Really? Neither I or my girlfriend got them and I am supposed to believe it's just a freak mishap? Nope, it's a scam.

  84. david says:

    A big rip off! I was going to send money but after reading the E-mails changed my mind.

  85. Beverly Peters says:

    Edgar Peters of Corpus Christi, Texas Deceased as of March 2009 Please remove his name from your list.

  86. Jodie Fathman says:

    got your info in the mail today and am trying to take the survey. However (maybe I'm just computer stupid) I cannot call the survey up on the screen. When I click on it all I get is ads for joining something. What's going on?

  87. VIOLA HEAD says:


  88. Ben Wilson says:

    Is this a hoax organiazation??

  89. Della Bezanis says:

    I came on this website to enter the coffee contest. Please do that for me as I can't find it Name, etc. BELOW

  90. Della Bezanis says:

    MY email (above) was sent 12/23/15 at 12:50 pm CDT, Was I in the first 50? Della Bezanis

  91. Debora says:

    I just got my survey today in Canton, Illinois. I am now hesitant to take the survey or not, sounds like maybe a scam today in the mail

  92. John Leavitt says:

    I want the coffee , but by the time I get my mail by RFD here in Vermont it is much too late to even think about responding

  93. Harold says:

    Go to the correct site first, it all comes up and I did the survey and did not send money, just requested for the coffee win.

  94. W wilkins says:

    They don't send trees until planting time

  95. Cheryl Strang says:

    After reading all of the above comments I don't feel I should take part in this survey. I will just collect trees from my hometown in celebrating arbor day. There are just too many negative comments above which are keeping me from participating.

  96. juan[ta delaunay says:

    iwant to take tree survey

  97. juanita delaunay says:

    where is tree survey?

  98. mike walker says:

    you folks sound phoney to me

  99. Robert says:

    I sent a donation in the past and never received trees or a reply. This has to be a con and should be investigated

  100. juanita delaunay says:

    not again?will I get to take tree survey this is frustrating

  101. juanita delaunay says:

    this is tiresome where is survey?

  102. juanita delaunay says:

    how many comments do you people want? you taunt people!

  103. juanita delaunay says:

    actuallythis is getting to be a pest

  104. juanita delaunay says:

    I quit' i'll mail I hope that is not a joke. do not make me report your organization as a fraud!

  105. juanita delaunay says:

    I'm taking my check out of the mail

  106. Loretta Bailey says:

    I took the survey last time and received trees in November. Who plants trees in November in Nebraska??????

  107. Barbarafrancisco says:


  108. Frankie Hamilton says:

    I love Arbor Day.

  109. Thomas Bryant says:

    Appears to be a scam for 208 weeks with the same story. I donated $10 thru the mail. I didn't waste my time filling out web site form.

  110. Thomas Jenkins says:

    I thankfully for the things in my life that we have it to get along with in my life that will be there win I’m long gone like both trees and shrubs and all the things that I want my twin in the survey

  111. Melissa says:

    Hello fellow tree lovers. I did not get any coffee. I donated my trees to national parks. However, I donated my money, not for the free gifts but for the prospect of trees being planted and trees being saved. I would say whether you get "stuff" or not, support the Arbor Day Foundation. It makes me sad to see people call this foundation a fraud or hear people say they won't donate if they don't get free things. This is the problem with society today, sometimes you should do something because it is right not because of what you will get it return. I got oxygen and beauty for my donation. It was well worth it.

  112. James Scarrow says:

    Well thank you so much for a years worth of coffee. I must have wiggled my nose right that day to win!!
    Any way it's not a joke folks they really did deliver the coffee by UPS. Thanks you so much.

    Isn't it funny to think I am a non coffee drinker but gave it to a neighbor who drinks enough for all of us.

    Thanks Jim .

  113. Norma says:

    I did the survey Aug.17.2016 and I have not received any thing. No calendar, trees or coffee. Please reply.

  114. Mary Johnson says:

    I have been waiting for my trees, have not received them,yet you want me to send money when you did not honor what you said you would do. I find it very hard to support this foundation if it does not keep it word. This was in August 2016. Tell me what happened to my trees I was promised.

  115. Mary Johnson says:

    I have been waiting for my trees, have not received them,yet you want me to send money when you did not honor what you said you would do. I find it very hard to support this foundation if it does not keep it word. This was in August 2016. Tell me what happened to my trees I was promised. I read other comments today and realized I am not the only one. You do have so many comments saying the same thing that’s why you do not give a respons. Send my money back if you are not going to honor the agreement.

    • Donna Gilbert says:

      be patient…when it gets close to planting time for your region, they will send your trees…they aren't going to send you a product doomed to fail…so when the weather is right for planting you will get them…maybe those you got aren't good to plant before spring. i have been receiving trees from this organization for 12 years and have never had a problem getting the trees….sometimes i may have to wait a little longer depending on when i got my survey and when they were good to send for planting….so just be patient, you will get them

  116. ron renz says:

    I'm trying to raise Hazel nut's so every year I give money toward's their Hazelnut project then I get a couple of teeny weeny little thing's in the mail to plant this year I got mine in Dec. I live in North Dakota we had -30 below wind chill's for day's, on the bag it say's plant immediately, I guess I'll have fly somewhere warm to do that. I've been giving them money for year's but I guess it's like most Liberal organization's just give us you'r money and we'll do with it as we please, I'm done with them.

    • Donna Gilbert says:

      how hard is it to plant them in pots inside your home until they can safely be transferred outdoors…use some common sense, they have no more control over the weather than you do…

  117. Barbara says:

    We just received our survey in the mail. After reading these I doubt we will participate. Our 4H agents handle replanting trees in the youth organization and we will continue to do this. Thank you.

  118. arnold landrus says:

    I received my survey Dec. 28th, I am responding Dec. 29th, why I don't know, I'll never get any coffee.

  119. Patricia Diniaar says:

    I sent in survey (md2148} but forgot to send donation. Please tell me how to correct this as I want to donate these trees and bushes to our small but beautiful town.

  120. Edith lilly says:

    A great way to replenish trees

  121. Guy A. Marcotte says:

    My response along with my donation has been mailed on 8/2/17.

    Guy A. Marcotte

  122. Nancy Burleson says:

    I'm looking at the responses people have and I don't think I'm gonna waste my time…. sorry. If I want tree's or coffee I'll just go buy them.

    • Traci Upshur says:

      Hi Nancy. My name is Traci. I filled out my paper survey and was just about to fill it out online in order to be among the first 50 responders. After reading all of the comments, and the dates that they were put in, I changed my mind also. I agree with you. I'll buy trees from a nursery if/when I want them. As far as coffee goes, a years supply will turn into 2 years because I don't drink it that often.

  123. Guest says:

    Don't send me to other surveys. Everything I tried kept sending me to surveys I did not want to take.
    Make it simple.

  124. Sandra Maupin says:

    I just took the survey on line because I have fond memories of climbing a tree when I was young in Missouri. I still can remember my daughter and son climbing a giant tree in our Kansas backyard where they loved to sit and read as teenagers. I'm afraid my grandchildren will not have these experiences. We already have a yard full of trees in our home in Texas so I opted to have my free trees donated somewhere else.

  125. Guest says:

    Just got my Survey letter the other day, and fill it out, and was just about to mail it today along with a check,
    And decided to check The Arbor Foundation out, to make sure it was on the up and up, and what I am reading, Going to shred the Survey alone with my check.

  126. Hope K says:

    12/22/17 just got my survey. what is going on? 10 years ago in Louisiana I donated and got 10 trees and planted them. the pictures are the same for flowering trees, I got 10 years ago. ain't computers grand ! coping 10 year old pictures. let's see $20. from me. $20. from ya'll, it's HOW MUCH?

  127. dave a says:

    warning it is a scam I clicked on survey site and it took me to a completely different site not having anything to do with trees no way to take the survey I will never send money and no one else should either

  128. Kris says:

    Appears to be a scam and should be investigated and prosecuted. Playing the heart strings of HONEST people. Thought about donating, not after reading all these negative comments that go back years and years. What a bunch of crap ! HOW DARE YOU !!!!

  129. BARBARA says:

    they send the surveys and u fill them out send them back and you get nothing

  130. Irene Lueras says:

    I just received my survey now in January, 2018 but it seems like everyone thinks it's a scam cause No one received their trees. I will not donate to something that is scamming people out of their hard earned money or could be their last few dollars. I will be glad to do survey but I will not send money until I get the trees and shrubs!

  131. Pam says:

    Sent in my donation the day we received it expecting to get the free gifts and feeling it was to a good cause. Then read all the comments on this site and quickly realized is was apparently a legal scam that has been on going for some time. To date have received no confirmation of my donation except a little booklet wanting us to order some over priced trees. They got us this time but not next time.

  132. Martha Alexander says:

    I sent a check for $10 on Dec. 26. As of the 9th of this month the check hasn't been cashed. I guess this just a scam.

  133. Delories M. Dorn says:

    I use to order but the coffee deal was always long gone but I never did expect it anyway.The last trees I got were broken and some dried up. I think I will just go to a nursery and buy what I want and also they have raised the donation fee to $20.00 I think I will keep my money and give to some well worthy cause and not worry about the trees. Thank you for the calendar and name tags but I am weary and these post on here goes back to 2012 you need to up date so people know you are legit!!

  134. Karen says:

    Please people just take the money and plant your own trees! So much scams going on ! listen to most of the people here always check and do your home work. Go and plant a tree at your local park, schools, etc. Forget the coffee no one gets coffee! Any one can get a web site! U can look this place up first! I am! Don't be fooled by all this money making scam!

  135. Denis Liederbach says:

    Great organization, when I lived in Alabama loved to plant trees & flowering bushes. I am back home in Northfield, Ohio, after 25 years and 80 years old, hard to get down sometimes but I have some grandchildren to teach. Thanks

  136. Charlene Demovic says:

    I have 7 trees and do not have room for more

  137. tammie says:

    I take the survey each year and send in a donation I receive the trees and the free gifts or sometimes I opt out. I have never won the free coffee but I donate each year. Thank you arbor day for all you do.


  138. Dianne has died says:

    all a scam! Ashley

  139. nancy says:

    I see u don't get coffee , well I don't want this

  140. ALEXANDER says:


  141. David says:

    This seems to be a good and worthy cause, with or without prizes.

  142. Jackie Darstein says:

    I am a bit disheartened to read the blogs about folks donating, probably just to get the trees. I would hope their first priority would be to give a donation….period. With a bonus of a free trees offer or not. I made my donation several years ago and checked the box for tfees…might as well do so. Trees were a few months late and when they got to me several were dead. THIS IS NOT ABOR DAY'S fAULT. It was the post office or Fed EX or whoever who left the trees on a sideline somewhere for all those weeks after Abor Day sent them. Not only that they were delivered to the wrong address. Poor lady, very concerned for the trees, not computer savvy, looked up my phone number and called. So……..expecting and getting these trees should not be the reason to donate.

  143. Jackie Darstein says:

    I will add an addendum to my previous comment: This is not a scam. Please do not be cautious about donating. Visit their web site, which by the way, does not mention anything about a survey. Donate there if worried. I personally think they should stop offering the trees….see my above comments. Again….trees were sent on time….delivery method screwed up. Also, these "tree" are what are called whips…very delicate. Unless you know how to plant and take care of whips, don't ask for them. Jackie in Seattle

  144. Theresa says:

    I have sent them a few $10.00 donations and both times I got some kind of tree or something but so far nothing has grown. But I will still try to win the coffee. Thanks For Letting Me SpeakTheresa

  145. G P Cron says:

    I'll send my check and requests by mail and take the survey online. I can only hope that after all these years the mailing overwellments' of responses have been taken care of by now. Working at a NPO is a thankless job; except for me, the soon to be tree farmer. And with that I have a question for you all; where would you be right now if you were a farmer?
    Answer Outstanding in your field.
    Thank you and bless you for this most important gift from the Arbor Day Foundation.
    G P Cron, Scranton, PA

  146. Mary Frederickson says:

    Was interested until I read these reviews? Whats up Arbor Day??

  147. Watson says:

    I like trees, birds and nature not scams. Too many complaints of not getting trees is a red flag. Was going to send a check and happened to look at the website. Thank you everyone for alerting us. Hope you can get something for your hard earned cash.

  148. Carol Y Reinoehl says:

    I certainly would like the trees but I'm not seeing any favorable posts here. What's up Arbor Day Foundation.

  149. Samie Hand says:

    I have deal with Arbor day people for years. they have always sent my trees in time for planting Good organization who help when it is needed plus keeping our planet green….sincerely Samie

  150. William J. Wayne says:

    I filled out the questionnaire and returned it with a $10 contribution two weeks ago. Do you really want me to do the questionnaire again now?

  151. Jeffrey Brown says:

    With this many negative comments I'm not going to participate.

  152. W.Steve Zimmerer says:

    i have a Holley Tree,in my front yard

  153. george fleenor says:

    make the loggers replace the trees they cut

  154. ed stipp says:

    Ican't see how ///but would like to enter the 2019 Kentucky survey,

  155. gilbert lugo says:

    hey after reading all those "remarks", forgetabbout it……….

  156. Barbara Rosik says:

    I got my survey and thank you for the free gifts. Unfortunately, based on other peoples comments, I can't wait that long. According to the survey, you can also donate your trees to a national forest. Is this what this offer is about? Thanks again.

  157. MIKE says:


  158. Sylvia C Garduno says:

    I ordered some evergreen trees, I wouldn't get my trees. I would call no answer, I left message, they called me back my order had been rerouted to the other las vegas, I called got my address corrected got my order plus a second for being understandable..

  159. Sylvia C Garduno says:

    I already did

  160. miriam Jonescan says:

    can hardly wait to get trees and plant them!!

  161. golden scott says:

    I sent 20 dollars got nothing

  162. Barbara Trujillo says:

    I paid $10.00 and haven’t got my trees yet. Thinking about calling the Better Business Bureau. Not right!

  163. Mayana Lea says:

    I am currently in a nursing home and have no money

  164. Mitchell Adler says:

    Please remove me from this yearly survey. I do not want coffee, return envelope address stickers, calendars, tree books subscriptions to newsletters, etc, etc. All of this is a waste of paper (i.e. TREES). It seems hypocritical to waste paper – ESPECIALLY ON THE YEARLY QUESTIONNAIRES! Please unsubscribe me. And perhaps somewhere a tree will survive.

    Mitch Adler #PA00829
    401 Frogtown Rd
    Kintnersville, PA

  165. Leslie Waggoner says:

    Got my survey today not able to pull up my survey?????????whatsup with that

  166. SW Ellis says:

    I tried to complete the survey on line but it said no survey is available. Sorry.
    SW Ellis

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