2014 Raleigh Tour D’ Coop

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Oh heck to the yeah, it’s time, once again, for the Raleigh Tour D’ Coop, the premier tour for backyard chicken raising!

If you’re interested in raising backyard chickens for their juevos deliciosos (literally, “delicious eggs”), in seeing some jawsome homemade chicken coops, or touring some amazing gardens (shrines to mother nature herself!), then you’ll definitely want to check out the 2014 Tour D’ Coop!

Polish Mophead Chicken on Raleigh Tour D' Coop

I’ve gone three times to the Raleigh Tour D’ Coop, in 2008, 2010, and 2011, and each time you get to see new chickens, cool chicken coops, and interesting garden setups, plus meet a bunch of good peeps who raise peeps (chicken peeps, that is!).

P.S. Durham has its own Bull City Coop Tour, which I attended with much fanfare last fall, and plan to attend this year as well.

Anyhoo, here are the pertinent details, or “deetz” as I’d text it.


Saturday, May 17, 10AM – 3PM


Cary n’ Raleigh
On Saturday morning, online ticket buyers will get an email with the addresses of each coop. If you buy tickets in person, you can get a map at any of the following locations (see below).

How do I Tickets?

Order tickets online, or buy them in person on May 17 at one o’ these places:

You only need one ticket per group, dang, what a deal!! I recommend the heck out of this if you’re anywhere near Raleigh; you won’t regret it, and that’s the EcoJoe guarantee.

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4 Responses to “2014 Raleigh Tour D’ Coop”

  1. Wigbate says:

    That is awesome, I would love to go. What's holding you back on getting some chickens?

    • ecojoe says:

      Me and Tiffers went, and like always, learnt a lot, saw some cool coops, gardens, and houses, and even got to eat a hot dawg. I haven't got chickens yet 'cause I was planning on waiting til I was in a "permanent" house, but f it, I think I'm 'bout to go for it.

      For some pictures chiggity check out @eco_joes, if it please you, m'lord

  2. Wigbate says:

    How about just buy one chicken and if you have to move just let the cats loose in its house?

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