Another Free Reusable Cloth Bag

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The Free Cloth Tote Bag Bonanza continues with a superbly crafted tote bag from Stouffer’s. Yes, Stouffer’s, maker of famous frozen dinners, is giving away free grocery tote bags. Here’s how to get your very own so next time someone asks if you want flimsy plastic or wasteful paper bags you can rudely thrust your cloth bag into their jealous face.

  • Go to Stouffer’s and register
  • You will get 100 points
  • Donate at least 20 points to get a free tote bag!
  • Send me $4 via Paypal

It’s just that easy. That last step is very important people! So register for that site, donate your points, getchoself a cloth bag, and start eschewing plastic and paper bags once and for all.

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    Another Free Reusable Cloth Bag | Green Thinking for the Average Joe

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