Apolitical Reasons to Live Greener

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Why is it always

Far too often, when people hear the terms “eco-friendly” or “green“, they think of “tree-hugging liberals”. Even in the news, environmental ideas are touted (or degraded) because of perceived connections with “the far left”. This is bad logic, to think that only Starbucks-drinking, Mac-blogging, futuristic-glasses-wearing eco-hipsters (and hippies) care about the environment. Why must people be lumped into either Conservatives or Liberals? I guarantee you that the vast majority of people, whether they know it or not, have a mix of opinions that have elements of liberalism, conservatism, and perhaps even joeism.

Apolitical Reasons to Live Greener

  • It saves money. By using resources more efficiently, we spend less money. Better miles per gallon = save money on gas, better insulation = save money on heating/air conditioning, etc.
  • Makes our country stronger. USA #1!!!! By investing in research in alternative energy (solar, wind, tidal), the good ol’ U.S.A. can help supply its growing energy-needs while cutting energy costs. Plus, we won’t be sending a bajillion dollars to such repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Mr. Chavez.
  • Leave the world in good shape for the future. Everyone wants their kids (and grandkids) to live in a t-riffic world. By conserving wetlands, forests, and nature in general, we can bequeath a pristine Earth for future generations.

Since most of y’all probably stopped reading awhile ago, I’ll cut this short and stop here. Let me know if you think of other non-political reasons for gettin’ green.

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