Bienvenidos al Festival of Frugality

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Welp, here we are for the “Festival o’ frugality“, a mish-mosh of different ways to save money, many of them having to do with the environment. Without further ado, I present to you, the festival.

DestroyDebt has compiled a whole 76 ways to save money while helping the environment.

Condo-Blues is on a mission to seal up his ducts and save some electricity and cash money.

Here’s yet another way to save money by cutting electricity costs from DepositAccounts.

BargainBriana has some good tips on how to cheap out on your various holiday parties.

Carole takes some time out of her busy day to teach us all how to make a natural birdseed wreath. Cheap, and it helps our animal friends.

The Well Run Dry shows just how dang easy it is to save money (and lower your eco-footprint) by riding a bike.

Here are some handy dandy ways to save money on groceries, brought to you by Fire Finance.

Here be some timely Thanksgiving leftover tips from A Simple Walk.

Stolen Moments has some easy tips for sticking to her grocery budget.

When you’re traveling for this Thanksgiving weekend, Savvy Frugality says why not think of the good ol’ train system?

Madison shares some free mess for this Black Friday.

Here are some frugal ways to have Family Fun© with your children, brought to you courtesy of Grey.

Oh snap, mom n’ dad have found out how to get Legos cheaply. Kudos, y’all.

LuluGal has written a beautiful piece about how to “magnetize money”. Give it a looksie.

David Mitchell dares to ask the age-old question: real or fake Christmas tree?

Martin Dasko flips it on everybody and explores when it’s NOT okay to skimp on money.

How in the world can you save money AND the planet whilst remodeling your abode? Aahz knows how.

vh waxes philosophical while also thinking about potential money savings.

Heather Levin shares some ways to save money on laundry day (many of them are “green”, if you will).

Wow, that was a LOT of submissions. A big muchas gracias to everybody who submitted to this week’s festival. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get posted, there were HUNDREDS of submissions, so don’t feel bad. Until next time, this is Joe, signing off.

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