Free Save the Snow Stickers

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Edit: If you click the sticker, it’ll take you to the place to get free “Save Snow” stickers. I messed up the link earlier. My B.

brave-snowman.jpgHello concerned citizen,
I come to you today as a representative of a vanishing species of snow-people. My people used to have a proud way of life, replete with ancient traditions and snow-cow sacrifices. But now, we are being hunted to extinction by Brother Sun. Please, get yourself a free “Save the Snow” sticker now, before it is too late.
With coldest regards,
Sir Frosty

Free Save the Snow Sticker

Three simple tips to save energy and money in winter

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Welp, winter is coming up soon, and that means having to turn on the ol’ heat. You cheap MLB jerseys probably already know that heating a house accounts for a large part of your energy bill each winter (unless you live somewhere really warm, lucky), but you might not have known that there are a few simple steps you can take so that your house is warmer and your wallet is fuller.

No heating necessary

Wear a sweater

It’s surprising how many times this simple cheap jerseys solution isn’t followed. It’s even more surprising when I remember me mum telling us to put on a sweatshirt so my parents wouldn’t have to turn up the heat. You can set your thermostat to 65 (or lower!) if you follow this easy, energy-saving plan. That’s the temperature me and my girlfriend had our apartment at last year, and we survived thanks to multiple layers of clothes.

The colder the shower, the lower the bill!

Lower your water heater temperature

This green one makes a lot of sense, as long as you don’t lower your water heater temperature TOO far. If you have your water temperature set waaay high up, then you’re never even going to use the hottest setting for the water. You may as well set it so that the highest, hottest water that comes out of the tap is the exact hotness that you’d want. For most people, this means turning down the temperature on their 本日よりチケット発売開始しました。ご予約はこちらから。 water heater. This can save a lot on your power bill, especially during the winter.

Also, if you own your house, you might Proin want to look into insulating your water heater. The initial expense will more than pay for itself as the years go by.

Old Man Winter

Keep out cold, winter drafts – insulate!

Old Man Winter is your heating bill’s main enemy. He cannot be killed; he can only be contained. Make sure he stays outside where he belongs by inspecting your house for cracks or holes to the outside. Common places for drafts include chimneys, around the edges of doors and windows, and your dryer duct. Caulking and weather stripping (both cheap and easy Patricia’s to use) will solve these dilemmas. One more thing to look out for is to make sure that your home is properly insulated. A big problem area for many people is uninsulated attics. If your attic is not insulated, make sure that the entrance to your attic is. This will keep the cold air in the attic and away from your living space.

If you follow these three simple steps to lower your heating bill, you will be sitting back smiling when winter comes along. wholesale NFL jerseys You will even have saved up enough money to make some hot chocolate to celebrate.