Colored Shells For a Fireproof Mulch

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Lawd knows it’s been a “hot minute” (as the kids say) since EcoJoes dot com has had the care and maintenance it deserves. There there, website, it’s all better now.

Anyhoo, on a completely different note, awhile back I was lucky enough to receive a sample of colored shell mulch from none other than Colored Shell Mulch ™©. Intrigued, I learnt a bit more about their company.

Their mulch is lighter than rock (which makes shipping more eco-friendly and easier), but not so light that it floats off. It’s made out o’ seashells, and is colored with a non-toxic, water-based product. Take a gander at it right here:

What we have here is a pile of brightly colored seashells

Also, like any mulch, it helps keep the ground under it from drying out, meaning less water is used keeping plants watered.

One thing they stress is that their shell mulch is fire retardant (unlike lots of other wood-based mulches). Why do they stress this? Well, legend has it that before founding Colored Shell Mulch in April 2007, Jim Bisgrove’s house caught on fire after an errant cigar landed in nearby mulch.

His house (and anger, no doubt), thus incensed, he founded this company to provide an eco-friendly, fireproof mulch. Inspired by Jim’s heroic story of literally rising from the ashes, I created a small desert biome (with the help of my shell mulch) to grace my window. In a fit of artistry, I made sure this photo was not quite focused.

Desert plants with shells and whatnot

So if you’re looking for a colorful, flame-proof alternative to normal ol’ mulch, hop into the information superhighway and take a trip over to their website (which is under construction at the moment).

Addendum (Sent in from the owner of Colored Shells)
We never kill animals for their shells!! All of our shells are fossilized and are a by-product of quarries. We then wash them and then color them.
We are essentially reusing a “garbage” by-product of mines and quarries all throughout Florida.
Our website will be up and running soon.

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4 Responses to “Colored Shells For a Fireproof Mulch”

  1. Tara says:

    I love your ethic but shell mulch is not necessarily eco friendly. Seashells are often harvested alive which means a lot of creatures are being killed unnecessarily. Don't know where this guy sources his shells so here's hoping he's double check the source. Just saying…

  2. Karen says:

    My mame is Karen and i own No creatures are ever harmed from our products. We are using fossilized shells that are a by product of quarry’s and we wash them and them color them. I am an animal lover myself.

    • ecojoe says:

      That's what I'm talking about, Karen. Good job finding a good use for a quarry's waste. Are these really fossil shells? They seemed like normal shells to me.

  3. Karen says:

    Yes….. All of our shells are truly fossilized!!
    They are millions of years old.

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