College Move Out = Waste = Free!

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As you might already know if you’re an EcoHero, I’m all about keeping things out of the landfill, reusing, and getting things for free.

College move-out days are a perfect combo of those three things. Students moving out of dorms throw away TONS of perfectly good items, including laptops, clocks, futons, and even money!

Right around now is when many colleges have their move out day. So my humble recommendation to thee is to hop on The Ol’ Google and find out when your local college’s move out date is.

On that day, or the day after, head out to their dumpsters and you can find all kinds of great stuff that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. Trust me, you’ll be astounded.

Tomorrow is NC State’s move-out date; who knows what perfectly good things I might find?

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