Durham’s WaterSense Toilet Rebate Program

Do you put off flushing your old-timey toilet, dreading the inevitable waste of water as gallons and gallons of good clean water are used by your old, inefficient terlet? But buying a new, high efficiency toilet just seems out of your budget?

Amigo, I think I have the solution. If you live in Durham, North Carolina, keep on reading. If not, contact your local municipality or city and see if they have a similar program.

The City o’ Durham is running a Toilet Rebate Program, wherein they’ll give you a $100 credit for every old, inefficienct toilet that you replace with a WaterSense-approved, high-efficiency toilet.

The new toilet must use 1.28 gallons per flush at most, and has to be on this here EPA high efficiency toilet list.

I ended up buying 3 Project Source high efficiency toilets from good ol’ Lowes, and although they weren’t listed on the EPA list, I spoke with someone from Durham Department of Water Management, and he told me that they’d add that toilet brand to the approved list soon.

So now I have 3 low-flow toilets that’ll save money and cut water use for years to come. Also, I actually made money buying these toilets!

Cost 3 brand new, Project Source toilets $88 x 3 $264
Minus water bill credit 3 x $100 $300
Total cost to me $264-$300 -$36!

Cha-ching! I suggest you take part in the Durham toilet rebate program before it’s too late!

Save water, save money, that’s the power of EcoJoes.

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