You Want Some Free Tea? We Got Your Free Tea

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Now, it’s been a lil’ while since I last mentioned how to get some all-natural free herbal tea or free organic tea, but fret not. Here’s yet another way to get some delicioso tea samples — for free!

Hop onto the information superhighway and navigate your way to →Twinings USA←, where you can request you some free tea (while supplies last)!

Heck, you can even stay in the EcoJoes©™ spirit and get some organic and fair trade certified tea.

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  1. Abhiram says:

    The free tea samples are not available anymore. But I have tried yogi tea a few years back. They have three verities of tea. Anti-oxidant, sweet chili and meditative time. They differs a bit in taste because of the flavours added. Try them out and find out your taste! visit here

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