EverBlade Review

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Welp, after 4 weeks and a day, my review of the EverBlade came to a sudden, disappointing end. But before we get to that, how’s about a brief background?

What is EverBlade?

EverBlade is a razor stand that’s supposed to keep your razor rust-free and sharp for up to six months. It’s made of plastic and a copper plate with ridges on the bottom. Here’s a lil’ video hyping it up:

Anyhoo, I was sent one, and decided to “put it to the test”, as “they” say.

The EverBlade Experiment

I used two cheap disposable razors for my experiment. One of them was put on the EverBlade stand; the other was just put on the counter. I used the EverBlade razor on the right side o’ my face, and the normal razor on my left. I used the Immortal Razor Technique on both razors.

The Results

Cleaning my razors out involved banging them on my tub. Tragically, as I was doing this, the razor blade snapped off my non-EverBlade razor, ending the grand experiment after 29 days.

Up to that point, both blades were going strong, and I hadn’t noticed a difference, so my official results were:


I’ll continue to use the EverBlade with the lone remaining razor, and shall post an update if it lasts remarkably long.

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