Save Money and the Environment with Immortal Razors

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This immortal razor refuses to die…How many razors do you go through in a year? Probably a lot. The deadly combination of debris in the blades and moisture causes the razor blades to dull. But here is how to only use one razor per year! This is the secret to making your razor immortal (or close to it).

Get a Good Razor

Remember, you will be using this razor for a year (or maybe even more). I went ahead and splurged on a Mach 3 Turbo, and if I can get it to last for years, it will have more than paid for itself.

Clean Your Razor

After you’re done shaving (I recommend shaving while taking a navy shower), clean out yo’ razor. Use an old toothbrush to scrub out any mess stuck between the blades, then let some water run over it for a second or two. And now, the big secret to turning your razor immortal…

Dry Your Razor

I use a towel to do this, but you can also use a hair dryer. Get it as dry as you can. When you put up your razor, don’t put one of those little plastic caps on it. Those hold moisture in. Put your razor somewhere where it will stay pretty dry until the next time you use it.

That’s all there is to it. I’ve been doing this since New Year’s day, ever since I learned about it through one o’ my co-workers. So far, so good. Hopefully when next year rolls around, I’ll still be using my same razor, thereby saving plastic, metal, and some o’ my money.

Update on the Immortal Razor (May)

Death of the Immortal Razor – not so immortal after all (July)

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8 Responses to “Save Money and the Environment with Immortal Razors”

  1. pelf says:

    You'd better be careful then, Joe! 😀

  2. brad says:

    after one shave the blades are blunt so i went for an electric shaver, the blades last for years.
    oh yes i use electricity, but your using water!

  3. Nova says: could simply figure out how to shave with a straight razor…that's what I did. I sharpen and strop it and have been utilizing it for over a year. Thanks!

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