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Arbol de dinero
Today we take the focus off of the environment and being eco-friendly to focus on saving money. Why, you may ask? Mainly because I’m hosting this week’s Festival of Frugality. In fact, here is a link to their home web page.


Lisa decides to combine helping the environment with making some cash-money. Go on, peruse her post about recycling for cash.

Miss T provides us with her handy compost recipe. Dispose of your household waste by turning it into garden gold.

College and Educación

Over at the delightfully named Money Sprinkles, Dee dishes out some good money-saving wisdom for college students, and anyone else too.

Banks, Credit Cards, n’ Insurance

Glen “Agro crag” Craig wants to warn you that good ol’ Bank o’ America is coming up with some new fees for their customers. Watch out, y’all.

Check out the latest finance product review from SB, wherein he delves into whether or not the Best Buy Reward credit card is worth it (he ain’t think so).

Melissa at Fiscal Phoenix investigates how technology can help save you some skrilla on car insurance.

Do you want a better credit score? Sure, we all do. Someone named Miranda inscribed words on how to raise your credit score, rotch hur.

Frugal Toad himself pipes up and lets us know about the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, as it were.

Pinch Pennies

Sandy has some handy tips to chip away at your costs over at Yes I Am Cheap.

Tastefully-named Joe at Christian PF dares to ask the unthinkable: what is the true cost of buying a car?

Mr. Taylor has a few suggestions on how to save money while eating out. Chiggity check it.

Matt comes right back and rebuffs Mr. Taylor with his post pleading for people not to be TOO cheap when eating out.

Jefferson (Thomas?) screeches to the skies his warnings of habit creep.

Trying to save money on groceries? Well ol’ Boomer has some sage advice on how to do just that.

I very much agree with Kennedi that being fit helps save you money. It also makes your life better, in oh so many ways.

This article by Steve captured my attention the moment it compared Nintendo games to heating your house with scraps of paper (or “scratch paper”, as some might say). He breaks it down to the nitty grit by thinking about when it’s worth saving money.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s recent 102nd birthday (may his soul rest in peace), Everything Finance reflects on money-savin’ lessons learned from the doctor himself.


Alex, AKA Mr. Totally Money, comes from all the way across the pond to share some cheap ways to propose to your life partner. Speaking of life partner, if you live in North Carolina, on May 8th por favor vote to defeat Amendment 1, which constitutionally bans gay marriage in NC. This is such a gay amendment, if you ask me.

Life, and, of course, Death

MMD asks, “Is it time to change my retirement portfolio?” He then answers said question in this here post.

Annabelle sombers down the mood with her funny and informative piece on how to plan a frugal death. I must say I approve of her first idea; wandering around in the woods until you fall down dead and turn into dirt. Not quite compost lasagna, but I don’t think think the plants will complain.

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