Looking for an Organic Vegan Kosher Lactose-Free Gluten Free All Natural Soy Creamer?

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Lawda mercy, that title is a mouthful. And that’s just what SoyGo‘s soy creamer gives you; a mouthful o’ creamy goodness for your coffee or tea.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to try some of these puppies recently. They come in little travel packets. Chiggity-check out this picture from Nashveggie to see how they look:

The first thing that struck me, with the force of lil’ Eli‘s offensive line, was that having individual-sized foil packets of coffee creamer doesn’t seem real eco-friendly. I used 1-2 packets for a cup o’ coffee, so there went two foil packets.

As far as the taste of this, it’s the best soy creamer I’ve tried so far. It dissolved pretty well into the coffee, and although there was a slight hint o’ soy taste, it was great.

After almost finishing a terrific mug of café with SoyGo in it, I ran into some sludge at the bottom. Apparently this happens to a lot of soy creamers. So watch out on those last few gulps.

They really seemed to work hard to make this creamer using all-natural, vegan products. If you’re vegan, or have celiac disease, then this is the creamer for you. It would be better if it didn’t come in the small foil packets, though.

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