Free Flower Seeds or Free Vegetable Seeds

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This survey is not working no more, so sorry.

This is what this site is all about; getting some free food, and helping the environment at the same time. Check it.

Buzzy Seeds is giving away some free vegetable seeds or free flower seeds. You pick. All you have to do is take a short survey, fill out your address, and bam, free seeds are coming your way. I chose to get some free vegetable seeds, so I can see how hard it is to grow some of my own food. Plus, I am very hungry, and flowers don’t fill you up the way verduras do.

Captain PlanetCap’n Planet Says: A huge chunk of your eco-footprint comes from the food you buy. Lots of food is shipped from far away, so a lot of resources are used to get the food to you. Growing your own vegetables = very local food = lower pollution.

Thank you, Mr. Planet. On to the free seeds…

First, take the survey.

Que sabrosaWhen you get to choose your products, choose “Veggie Seeds” or “Flower Seeds”.

Notice that the price below it is $0.00.

After that, fill out the other things it asks you to, then checkout.

You’ll get your free seeds in a couple weeks; this concludes our broadcast session.

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