Free Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

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These cloth bags are free, I tell youIf you’ve been staying up late at night, contemplating making the switch from plastic bags to reusable cloth bags, but you don’t yet have a tote bag, well then you are in luck. For I present to you, three two different ways to get a free reusable tote bag.

  1. Free Eco-Friendly Bag – for businesses/retailers only. They put your logo on the reusable cloth bag, so you can sell them to customers, or give them away to promote your green business.
  2. Free Klean Kampsite Bag – heavy duty, reusable bags with Velcro seals and ties to keep them closed. Great for camping / RVing (to coin a word). Did not work in Firefox for me.

So now you have no excuse to not be using them reusable cloth bags. Go out and get some free ones, and, as Michael Jackson said, “Heal the world, make it a better place”.

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