Free Starbucks Coffee on Earth Day April 22

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Starbucks coffee has a reputation for being expensive as heck, but this Earth Day (April 22) you can get some FREE Starbucks coffee (or free tea, if that’s your style)! Hot diggity dang!!

All you have to do for this delicioso free beverage is bring in a reusable mug and use that, instead of a disposable cup. Check out the rotch side of this page for more details.

Not only do you get you some free coffee or tea, but you’re reusing a mug instead of wastefully using yet another disposable cup. Feel free to use the free coffee to proudly toast Mother Earth AKA Gaia.

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3 Responses to “Free Starbucks Coffee on Earth Day April 22”

  1. kelly says:

    A lot of us have been the madden mobile hacks online here when we want the coins.

  2. I am pretty sure the crowd is worth seeing at starbucks that you have been telling about in this post. I was also there to have that coffee which has been the most delicious thing.

  3. naki says:

    great man you are too good…..

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