How to get Free Desert Plants

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If you’re like me, you like having a desert plant around, whether it be a colossal cactus, a jolly jade plant, or another succulent species o’ flora.

But if you’re like me, you ain’t exactly the Monopoly man, and cactus plants just aren’t in your budget. So here’s how to get free desert plants and cactuses, like this guy:

Free desert plant

Anyhoo, without further ado, here’s how to get free desert plants (for free, I might add)!

Step 1: Go to a store (Lowes, Home Depot, anywhere they sell cactuses and other succulents). Play it cool.

Step 2: In the desert plant section, collect small broken-off leaves or stems on the ground. Don’t just rip them off the plants, that’s stealing, and plant assault! Ask an employee how much the lil’ broken-off leaf is. Chances are they’ll say you can have it.

Step 3: Put the lil’ cactus piece on top of a pot of fresh dirt. Press it lightly into the dirt, with the firm yet gentle touch of an English nanny.

Step 4: Let it sit dry for about a week, then water it, put it in the sun, and wait.

That’s it! With any luck, you’ll soon have a thriving desert plant of your own, for absolutely free! You can send in some of that saved money to the EcoJoes Fund, it’d be very appreciated.

Parrots watching over free cactus

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9 Responses to “How to get Free Desert Plants”

  1. Joanne says:

    This works?! If so, that’s really cool. How big of a leaf do you need? Does it need to have an open part, or anything like that?

    • ecojoe says:

      Oh yes, this works! Also, you can multiply the succulent plants you already have by breaking off a leaf and doing the same thing.

      You don't need a big leaf, really, just a small piece will do. Here are some more details about how to do this:

      Let me know if you try this and how it works for you, Joanne!

      Mr. EcoJoe

  2. Project Pizzle says:

    What exactly does my donation go to?

  3. beatrice says:

    I attest to this: it works! Succulents have learned the hard way, over the millennia, how to survive in a desert: Keep It Going, even if the piece of life is pretty darn small.

  4. My site says:

    A lot of desert plants you can grow in your backyard, if you are interested in growing the plant at home simply go to the market and choose your favorite plant and get some instruction from the gardener and bring it at home.

  5. VectorOne says:

    That's brilliant! I'll borrow some of the leaves fro mthe local store today!

  6. my blog says:

    That is so lovely. I will place a small pot of cactus on my working deck. Thanks for sharing these tips

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