Have a Green Thanksgiving

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This Earth pilgrim is highMany moons ago, the American Indians used to celebrate Thanksgiving the right way — the green way. Then the pilgrims came along, and ol’ Gaea wasn’t invited to many more Thanksgiving dinners after that.

Well, I say it’s time to slide back a chair, dust it off, and offer Mother Earth a seat at an ol’ fashioned green Thanksgiving this year.

Green Thanksgiving Foods

  • Wild food – forage through your local woods for edible plants. Mushrooms are always a tasty treat. Don’t forget your protein-packed pal, the grubworm!
  • Reused food – you’d be shocked and appalled at the food that some businesses throw out. Save this food from the landfill! A barely-expired can of cranberries can make a sumptuous side dish to complement a locally-found bird or deer.
  • Clover leaves – a young EcoJoe used to eat this at summer camp, fried up with some butter. Bring this dish out if people are having trouble thinking of things to be thankful for.
  • Water – known by some as “nature’s wine”, this clear fluid can be collected in rain barrels or dips in the ground. Instant thirst quencher!

Green Thanksgiving Decorations

Eco-friendly food isn’t going to be enough to wow the pilgrims n’ Indians at your green Thanksgiving. Don’t forget the green Thanksgiving decorations!

  • Headdress – use the feathers from your locally-caught bird to fashion a festive headdress. A sure crowd pleaser!
  • Pumpkins – pumpkins and gourds have long been used in cornucopias. Reuse your Halloween jack-o-lantern for Thanksgiving.
  • Pilgrim Hat – show off your DIY skills by tightening a belt around a fedora. Presto hey, a pilgrim is you!
  • Fall Centerpiece – top off your table with a splendid fall centerpiece made with leaves and acorns. Great for a last-second, Hail Mary green decoration.

I appreciate you taking the time to peruse these green Thanksgiving tips, and hope you’ll invite Mother Earth back into your home for this Thanksgiving. Here’s to a healthier planet *raises cup of nature’s wine*


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6 Responses to “Have a Green Thanksgiving”

  1. Wigbate says:

    EcoJoe, that clipart of the planet pilgrim is just awful, with the huge watermark to boot.

    Also isn't it easy to be poisoned by a wild mushroom, or experience unintended hallucinogenic effects as a result?!

    *tips fedora*

    • ecojoe says:

      Rats, I chose the clipart just because of how bad it was. I suppose I was too subtle with that, and with recommending people eat wild mushrooms. I hereby resign after this scandalous advice.

  2. Virginia Dare says:

    Those clover leaves, though, are well worth waiting for until a Thanksgiving feast! Nutritious as heck, if you are a cud-chewer! And, if not, they certainly do move those bowels along lickedy split.

  3. I went green this Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anupam Sethi says:

    Good idea for green Thanksgiving.

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