Great Websites for Reusing and Getting Free Mess

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This is a perfect example of how saving money and helping the environment can go together. When you reuse something, you save money and help conserve resources. Anyhoo, without further ado, I present some good sites for saving money and getting some free reused stuff.

List o' Craig
This here site has a good “free” section for most cities. There are all kinds of things being offered for free here. You don’t have to register to browse through the list of reused things, so feel free to head over right now and see what’s available for free in your area.

Free CycleI just joined this site a couple days ago, and it’s a bit stricter than craigslist. This has its pros and cons. Some cons are that you have to be registered in a group, and that a moderator has to approve of a post to the message board before it is shown. Some pros are that you can post “Wanted” ads, and that you can be sure that any message you see has the seal of approval from a moderator.To get started, search for a group in your area, and sign up. You’ll be reusing and giving away unwanted items in no time.

Look at that parrot This last one doesn’t involve reusing things; instead, i’s just a good place to get lots and lots of free samples of all kinds of things, such as food, drinks, shirts, and more. Just go to the site, click “Free Goods”, and you’ll be transported to a magical world of free samples. Not quite as dependable as craigslist or freecycle (sometimes the samples never arrive :(), but the price is right.

Besides these websites, you can always go to a local thrift store and donate any unwanted items that you have.  If anyone knows of any other good websites for getting free, used things, por favor let me know.

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