Free Reusable Cloth Tote Bag from Earthbound Farm Organic

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Could this free tote bag be for you?Perchance, as you check out in a grocery store, you’ve stopped and wished that you had a reusable cloth bag to put your groceries in, instead of flimsy plastic bags. Once you’ve unpacked all your groceries at your abode, you look around and fight back tears as you take in the mountain of empty plastic bags. Is there no way to avoid all that plastic clutter?

Maybe you’ve heard that a lot of people are using reusable tote bags, but you can’t afford one. But wait; if you can afford “free”, then you can afford a reusable cloth bag. Here’s how:

Click HERE to take a short conservation quiz. If you finish it successfully, you’ll be sent a free reusable tote bag in June. So get ready to kiss your plastic bag proliferation problem goodbye.

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