Hand-Powered Paper Shredder

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It’s always good to have a paper shredder, to get rid of all that “sensitive” information on bills and credit card offers. But how to do it without using precious electricity?
Cat and Paper Shredder
This hand-powered paper shredder takes care of that. I got it for free from BCBS, and it’s been useful for shredding paper, which can then be used to make some homemade paper. It works really easily too, and shreds CDs and credit cards.

So if you’re thinking about getting a paper shredder and don’t want to use electricity for it, go for the hand-powered kind. They work good, save money, and help conserve energy AND your identification. Truly a win-win situation.

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3 Responses to “Hand-Powered Paper Shredder”

  1. I am also think that. Than electric paper shredder, hand powered paper shredder will be cheap. And obviously, it is environment friendly.

    • ecojoe says:

      Mr. Shredder, I am think that as well. Sadly, this hand-powered shredder broke when it took on a few papers too many 🙁

  2. Ryan Beal says:

    Yeah it is quite possible that your information can be leaked from your disposed papers. So using a paper shredder is a good choice.

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