How to Opt Out of Talking Phone Book Delivery

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Please, no mas phone books
Phone books. You gotta love them. Tons o’ wood used to make tons of paper to be delivered to houses and immediately recycled (or thrown away). How to stop this growing menace?

I thought I’d opted out of phone book delivery last year, but just today I got “The Talking Phone Book” plopped on my front porch.

So, here’s a quick, easy way to stop getting “The Talking Phone Book” delivered to your casa. It takes about 3 minutes, so it’s a very easy way to save lots of paper, ink, and gas (for phone book delivery) from being wasted.

1. Click on the city nearest to you on this page.

2. Call the phone number.

3. Hit “0” when the automated message starts.

4. Ax the operator to kindly stop delivering phone books to your house.

That’s it! Never again will you come home to find cruelly murdered trees in the form of a worthless book in front of your door again. Not on my watch.

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