One-Ingredient “Ice Cream”

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If you’re like most folks in today’s dog-eat-dog, hustle-n-bustle world, you like to take a break every once in a while for some tasty iced cream. But you probably know that standard ice cream, while delicious, is not nutritious.

Also, you have to break the bank to get some store-bought ice cream that traveled hundreds (perchance even thousands!) of miles to get to you. So what’s the eco-savvy, cheap frugal hu-man to do when they get a craving for that frozen goodness?

I’ll tell you what. You just buck up, grab some ripe nanners, and follow this super easy recipe for homemade, organic, vegan, healthy ice creamsorbet!

Through the magic of frozen bananas, you should end up with a delectable dessert resembling this:
Sad bowl of blended frozen bananas

One-Ingredient “Ice Cream”
(AKA World’s Easiest Sorbet) Recipe

1) Chuck 4-5 ripe bananas into the freezer.
2) Once they’re frozen, throw them into a food processor (or good blender) and blend them like your life depended on it.

Makes two manly-sized servings.

That’s it! You’ll be sure to “go ape” for this! *runs off stage as crowd boos*

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2 Responses to “One-Ingredient “Ice Cream””

  1. wigbate says:

    I mashed up about 9 bananas with a bunch of (pure) peanut butter (not pure paper) and some salt, swirled it around, and stuck it in the freezer for a night. After that it was better than any candy, really.

    • ecojoe says:

      That sounds like a dessert easy enough for a hobo, yet fit for a king. Did the salt taste good with that mix?

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