Super Healthy Banana Oat Cookie Recipe

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Sometimes as I’m flexing in the mirror at the gym, desperately bulging my veins out of my “swole” arms and hoping other people are watching admiringly to feed my insecure ego, I fight back tears as a sudden urge for cookies flashes through my mind. How can I get healthy, cheap, eco-friendly, organic cookies?

Lo, late last year I found out about this crazy easy, healthy, quick recipe for banana oat cookies. “Egad”, I thought, “I have to share this recipe with todo el mundo.” And that’s just what I’ll do, without further ado.

Healthy Banana Oat Cookie Recipe

Oats n' bananas
* 1 cup oats (for extra green points, use some local, organic oats)
* 2 bananas

Now, don’t be confused… in this picture, I used a double recipe (4 bananas and 2 cups o’ oats).

This is a great way to use old, ripe bananas, or frozen bananas. If using frozen bananas, make sure to peel the bananas before freezing them!


Hey, Joe–Re: recipe on EcoJoes: there is NO NEED to peel bananas before freezing!!!! In fact, freezing them in their little “nature-jackets” protects them without one having to use a PLASTIC BAG. Just remove from freezer, microwave about 50 sec., slit them from gullet to “other end,” and squeeze out the contents.

Banana Oat Cookie Embryo
Using my aforementioned bulging muscles, I mushed the bananas and oats together, ’til it looked like this:

Okay, you’re about done! At this point you can mix in any amount of fixin’s; use your imagination! Por ejemplo, you could mix in:
* Peanuts, walnuts, almonds
* Raisins, craisins
* Coconut, chocolate chips, lil’ pieces of bacon

Once you’re satisfied with your mix-ins,
1) Form the mush into balls about the size of golf balls
2) Put them on a greased cookie sheet
3) Pop that bad boy into an oven and cook at 350° F for 12-15 minutes.

That’s it, you’re done! Now you can enjoy some of the easiest to make, healthiest cookies ever, with that distinctive banana tang and oat goodness.

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  1. wigbate says:

    Good stuff. Should help me to get over my recent Doritos addiction (they are jawsome).

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