Swaptree Planting One Tree for Each Swap Today

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In celebration o’ Earth Day (Fun Fact: Earth Day was started by someone named Gaylord), Swaptree is planting a tree for each trade completed today. “‘Old on a tic”, you might exclaim, “Just wot is this ‘Swaptree’ thing, anyway?”

swaptreeWelp, it’s a site that lets people trade books, CDs, DVDs, and video games with other people. Users just pay for the postage, so you can get some k-razy good deals. Plus, it’s a good way to reuse something you don’t want anymore (by giving it to someone who will use it), and you get something you want in return.

‘Tis a good way to reduce waste and save some money, so give it a looksie. I shall end this brief article with a little more detail about how they aim to plant 10,000 trees today, courtesy of their press release:

For Earth Day 2009, Swaptree is working with The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ initiative and will be planting a tree for every trade completed on Earth Day. While currently several thousand trades happen every day on Swaptree, our goal on Earth Day is to do 10,000 trades and plant 10,000 trees. While the average Swaptree user, given its emphasis on recycling and sharing, lowers their yearly carbon footprint by 180 pounds, with this initiative we hope to offset several thousand tons of CO2.

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