Green Excuses to Get an LCD Screen

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Perhaps you’ve wanted one of those snazzy LCD TVs or monitors for awhile, but you haven’t quite been able to justify it. Maybe now you can.

On average, an LCD monitor will use 30% less energy than a CRT monitor. Not only will this help the environment, but it’ll save you money. How much money will an LCD screen save compared to a CRT monitor, you ask? That all depends…

LCD Energy Savings Compared to CRT

Here’s how to figure out how much an LCD screen will save you compared to a CRT screen.

  • Calculate kilowatts per year used for each monitor. Take into account that each screen uses different amounts of energy even when it’s turned off.
  • Subtract the LCD energy usage from the CRT energy usage.
  • Multiply the kilowatt difference by the cost per kilowatt in your area (9.8 cents per kw where I live).

Voila, that number is how much money you’d save if you had an LCD monitor instead of a CRT monitor. So if you do decide to get rid of your ol’ CRT, please either give it away to someone or a thrift store, or, if no one wants your hunk o’ junk, you can bring it to a recycling center.

If you want to see a detailed example of how much an LCD screen might save compared to a CRT screen, check out this here linky.

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