Tiny Houses

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There’s a new craze that’s sweeping the nation. Tiny houses. Many of them even smaller than this converted bus. Instead of living in a big, energy-consuming, resource-using McMansion, some people have chosen to live in small houses of about 100 square feet. It might sound crazy, but after looking at pictures and video of them, a tiny house doesn’t sound too bad.

Tiny Comfy House tiny-house-inside.jpg

Martin House-To-Go has finished their 2008 tiny house model, and they call it Fresh Start. At $29,900, it only costs as much as a nice car, but offers all the modern comforts of home. Their tiny house includes these following features:

  • 11′ high ceilings!
  • solid bamboo floors!
  • no toxic, gas-emitting materials used in construction

Anyhoo, it’s worth taking a look at their galleries. Marvelous, they are.

Moving on, we find Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed. He’s been building (and living in) tiny homes since 1997. Most of his tiny houses are about 100 square feet. He claims that the reason he started living in small houses is because he hates sweeping and vacuuming big houses. Also, since they use less natural resources (both in construction and in upkeep). Without further ado, I present Jay Shafer’s guided tour of his tiny house:

One day I might have to take the plunge and live in a mini-house. They look cool, are cheap, and are environmentally responsible. What more could ye ask for?Thanks to Tiff for telling me about this here thing.

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7 Responses to “Tiny Houses”

  1. oracle2world says:

    It seems the bigger the house, the less the owners are at home (they are always on travel elsewhere). So why folks are compelled to buy huge expensive high maintenance homes … has always been a mystery to me.

  2. Lauren says:

    this is rather crude, but i am seriously considering buying one of these houses, that's how i stumbled across this site. how do you have sex in that bed? i mean woman on top is totally out, thats the only downside to the roof that i see.

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  5. Fantastic post! Seems like so many people these days are breaking away from what we consider the "Norm" and doing things like this that just plain make scene. Good job.

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  6. Great! Can’t wait to build mine someday with these awesome tips 🙂

  7. The problem with tiny houses are that the more popular they get, the more expensive they get and more restrictive laws are passed by states, cities, counties in order to even have them.

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