Help Clean up a River Near You

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How many of you live near a trashy river or stream, and have noticed piles o’ junk in it, or other such debris on its banks? It’s enough to make an eco-heart weep.

Now imagine if that stream was clean and pristine; no litter, lil’ fishies swimming around in it, birds a-livin’ next to it, no Indians crying, raccoons a-washing their hands in its pure, flowing agua.

Cleaning up the river not only gets rid of all that trash, it helps the wildlife around it, AND makes it look better next time you see it. Heck yeah. Plus, you can let your inner artist go hog-wild and create some river trash art (patent pending).

Anyhoo, please take a minute to check out the National River Cleanup. This here map will help you find a river cleanup near you. Or, you can take the initiative (“seize the bull by the horns” — literally) and organize your own river cleanup.

If everyone took just one day a year and did this (instead of watching some telly or messing around on the world-wide internet), just imagine the huge difference it’d make.

Be a part of that difference, yo. *awkwardly reaches for high five, misses*

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