Stray Cat House from Reused Wood and Mess

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Right, let’s “cut to the chase”, as “they” say. There’s a stray cat that roams our neighborhood (not Gimpy the stray cat, a different one), and me and Tiff have been feeding him/trying to adopt him for a while. So far he’s not ready to stay in our house, and since the weather is ’bout to start getting chilly, I decided it was high time to build him his very own homemade cat house from reused materials. Luckily I still had a bunch o’ materials left over from our kitchen remodeling, even after making a kitchen cart from reused materials.

First, I cut the floor and walls from some old wood I had from our kitchen remodeling. After some screws n’ glue, this is what I had:
Floor with side walls

I had some carpet left over from mi casa, so I cut out a lil’ chunk and oh-so-carefully fitted it to Charlie’s cat house.
Carpet installation time: 2 seconds!

Here you can see the roof (with insulation reused from Papa Spud’s vegetable box) attached to the back wall wit’ a hinge. This is so I can open up the back wall if I need to.
Space age insulation I tell you

I had enough of that space-age insulation to insulate the WHOLE back wall, as seen in this candid, no-holds-barred photo.
Insulated like a muthachugga

So’s I popped the roof and back wall onto the rest of the cat building, and voila, a homemade cat house for Charlie stray cat. Also, I reused some old baseboard molding for a stylish yet understated awning to keep the rain out.
Dang, that was easy!

Finally, it was time to use some caulk and paint to waterproof this bad boy. Tiff pitched in and used her exceptional artistic skills to paint the cat house (using leftover paint).
Slave at work

Cha-ching, the cat house is complete. Charlie Stray Cat inspected his new home, and cried a single tear of joy. He was now the proud owner of his very own stray cat house, made from reused wood and some leftover paint.
Proud new homeowner

This homemade cat house should keep Charlie warm this winter. And with its reused insulation, wood, and leftover paint, it is “green” as can be. I’ma keep on eye on it during the winter and see how it holds up. Also, I shall build an insulated front wall onto his house, once he gets used to being in it.

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6 Responses to “Stray Cat House from Reused Wood and Mess”

  1. Karly says:

    kudos on the good job, mang.

  2. ecojoe says:

    Maybe if I put a fire under it he will stay warm?

  3. god says:

    that sucks i can bild better

  4. Sean says:

    That is so generous to build a home for the stray cat. What a great idea, it’s not only a green use of extra wood, but also makes a great home for the cat!

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